Here Comes Santa Claus!

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Hey There!

I’ve really been enjoying Little Bit’s first Christmas, even though I know she won’t remember it. We’ve baked cookies, watched Christmas movies, taken adorable Christmas photos, but one thing was missing – her first time seeing Santa!

The Fellow was really hesitant about taking her because of all of the sickness going around. We’ve had enough health-related issues with her so far that we didn’t want to risk exposure to a bunch of germs just yet. (Think about HOW MANY kids have sat on that mall Santa’s lap!)

So I had just about resigned myself to no Santa pictures, OR buying a Santa outfit from Amazon and making The Fellow dye his beard. (Still considering this option anyway just because of his ridiculously Santa-ish beard.)

Then this weekend, we made a trip to Pennsylvania. Each year at Christmas my family places wreaths on the family graves. While traveling to one of these sites, my father decided that he would also like to visit the cemetery where some of our way-back ancestors are buried, so off we went into Pennsylvania trying to find it.

As we were driving through one tiny village, my mother spotted a sign in front of a little feed and grain store: “See Santa here today 11:30-1:00.”

What luck! We decided to at least stop and check out what kind of Santa would be there. (The beard makes or breaks it!) It was a GREAT Santa, and we got a wonderful Mrs. Claus too!

The store employees were so sweet. They let us take Little Bit’s carrier into the back office, so I could get her out. There was no line, and Santa was so sweet and patient.

It was such an amazing visit, and I’m so pleased with the pictures!

I don’t have anything to ask Santa for though. We already have the sweetest Christmas gift of all, and she’s all nice!

What are your favorite seeing Santa stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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