Gettysburg, PA: Dobbin House Tavern

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After all day antiquing on Saturday, we decided to grab an early dinner and then spend the rest of the night relaxing in our suite at the Inn at White Oak . That Jacuzzi tub sounded SO good to me. I looooove a tub that I can completely stretch out and be covered in. If we ever get to a do a dream bathroom remodel, that’s number one on my list.

Mama had scoped out the best places to eat, so we headed over to the Dobbin House Tavern.

The Dobbin House is the oldest home in Gettysburg and was established in 1776. Originally the home of Reverend Alexander Dobbin, it also served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and as a field hospital during the Civil War, and now it’s a restaurant/event venue and tavern.

This is another one of those places where you will want to get on the seating list EARLY, as we had quite a bit of a wait to be seated.

While the house and buildings are sprawling, the tavern itself is quite small. The entrance is a tiny doorway tucked between two larger parts of the building, and you take a narrow stairway down to the stone tavern. There is a bar, and as many tables as they can fit – and they need as many as they can get!

While there are overhead lights, you don’t really notice them. The candles flickering along the stone walls make you feel like you’re really transported back in time to an old tavern. The staff uniforms help with that illusion as well. They all wear (mostly) period correct clothing.

The menu also has a few authentic dishes and treats like Philadelphia Fish Head Punch!

This is a beverage that the Fellow and I are well acquainted with as one of our buddies, who is an archeologist, discovered the recipe a few years back, and we make it for our Christmas/New Year’s parties. He figured if it was good enough for George Washington, it was good enough for us. Our first President once indulged in thirteen toasts (for each state) during a victory celebration and then didn’t manage to make an entry in his diary for the following three days . . . needless to say Mama and I both skipped out on ordering it this trip, but you should definitely experience it if you visit.

I decided on a less traditional meal of a steak and cheese sandwich, but Mama and I both decided to try the potato “sallad.” We asked the waitress about it in advance, and she described it as sweet, but we decided to chance it.

It was good, but if I had a do-over, I’d probably stick to a baked potato or potato chips as my side.

While a little touristy, it was still a nice stop, and if you’re looking for a fun dining experience in Gettysburg, you should definitely check it out!

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