Online Shopping

Hey There!

I spend a lot of time shopping online, y’all, or should I say browsing? Half the time I put stuff into my shopping cart but never actually pull the trigger.

There’s something to be said for actually touching and trying on things before you buy them. I’m bad about missing the fine print or important sizing information, and most of the time I won’t mess with a return. I’ll call it a loss or make The Fellow handle the return for me.

With Christmas right around the corner, my hatred of crowded shopping centers outweighs my hesitance to actually go through with online purchases, and packages have been slowly coming into the house. My goal is to have everything purchased by December first, so I can relax and enjoy bad Netflix movies, hot cocoa, and Christmas lights.

Since so many packages have been showing up on my doorstep, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to slip one in for myself! Unfortunately, it just reaffirmed what I think about online shopping – it’s never what you expect.

I’ve been OBSESSED with Mrs. Turner’s glasses from Call the Midwife and was stoked when I found a pair of vintage upswept glasses. The posting and pictures shows a small crack in the arm which I was ok with epoxying over. However, when they got here, the crack was more of a giant chunk missing, which in itself was an issue, but the glasses themselves were tiny. I’m not sure if I got tiny old lady glasses, or if people in the early 1960s just had tiny heads . . .

At least all of the Christmas gifts have come in with no issues so far!

Anyone else out there have online shopping horror stories? Make me feel better and share them in the comments below!



How Much Is Too Much?

Y’all, I have a serious question for you . . .

How much turkey is too much?

This weekend we’re hosting Friendsgiving which will be the first of our Thanksgiving meals. Then we have a work potluck Thanksgiving, my family’s Thanksgiving, The Fellow’s family’s Thanksgiving, and finally an extended family Thanksgiving.

That’s FIVE Thanksgiving meals. I’m at risk of looking like Joey from Friends on Thanksgiving day! He definitely had the right idea that’s for sure – real pants are NOT an option.

The fun thing about having so many places to go for the holidays is that each place has something different from all the rest, and all of the food will be delectable.

We’re preparing the turkey and sweet potatoes for Friendsgiving. My mother assures me we don’t need to bring anything to their house. The Fellow is handling a cranberry pork loin for work, so all I need to do is figure out what to make for the other two meals.

What are your favorite dishes to make for Thanksgiving? Help me decide what to take!


Simple Things

Hey There!

Y’all, this is a short post, but I just had to share the adorableness happening over here.

When little Luna came to us, she was sent with her favorite toys, many of which she still enjoys. One of her favorites was a feather wand that has since gone missing. (Seriously, where do cats put things?!)

I bought her a couple of toy mice that she was never interested in, but somewhere along the line we got the idea to make a huuuge toy wand by tying a boot string to a dowel rod and the toy mouse’s tail.

The length of the dowel rod gives it an extra long reach which means that The Fellow can play with the kitten from the comfort of his chair!

I know, I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but she LOVES it. We’ll catch her pawing at the toy and then looking at us or walking from us to the toy and back, asking us to play. It’s the absolute cutest. 

She’s also been spending a lot of time chilling in boxes and baskets around the house. It almost makes me feel guilty to throw/put them away. I’m really considering seeing if I can stage a Christmas basket picture. Knowing our little Luna-tic, she probably won’t play along, but we’ll at least try!

What are your furry friend’s most unlikely favorite toys? Let me know!


Vintage Fashion

Hey there!

I’ve been trolling some online sites looking for true vintage and vintage-inspired pieces lately. My goal is still to ultimately make dresses from those awesome vintage patterns I grabbed, but until my workspace is set up in the basement, I want a less labor-intensive option. (And  online makes it easier to find some neat things rather than being locked into what your area has to offer.)

With this in mind, I’ve started stalking my favorite retro-inspired dolls on Instagram and Pinterest. (Honestly, I’ve been an Instagal over Pinterest.) I think I’ve figured out something about my style. While I love 50s-styled giant novelty skirts and crinolines in bright jewel tones, when it comes to paying out for them, I’d rather have either an early or later piece in muted or earth tones. Right now I’m stuck between loving the 40s and early 60s! (I know, such a weird place to be hanging out!)

I did score locally a few 80s vintage straight skirts with pockets that I’m loving. I feel like more pencil skirts are in my future.

Also, I bought this fun collared shirt I’m obsessed with, and I want to make some more detachable collars to be able to wear under some other sweaters for winter.

I love this lace collar shirt! Also, I don’t think I’ve shown off my awesome haircut in straight form. I’ve wanted to do a true bob for YEARS and never quite got around to it. I LOVE it!

I’m also feeling like some opaque tights are next on my purchase list! Why is it that fall always puts me in a shopping mood? Seriously! I’m trying to declutter my house and at the same time build my wardrobe . . . Yikes!

What are your must-purchase fall items? Do you get a new flannel each Thanksgiving? Let me know!




Hey There!

Mmmmh, y’all. Can’t you just smell Halloween in the air?

My work actually already celebrated Halloween. We always have a big shindig with costume contests, skits, and food.

If you know me in real life, you may have noticed that I twitch my nose when I’m thinking. I do this so often that at work they tease me that I look like Samantha from Bewitched.

I figured that was as good a reason for my costume to be . . . a Pin-Up Witch!

The costume was easy enough. It was all things I had in my closet at home already, but I had a ton of fun customizing the basic witch’s hat I purchased from Target.

We also attended a Halloween party this past weekend which had some funny bits I wanted to share with you.

The hosts of the party created an awesome Carn-Evil-themed escape room in their garage. If you’ve never been in an escape room (which I had not), you solve a series of puzzles until you unlock the way out of the room.

In this case, you had to solve the final lock to retrieve your admission tickets to the carnival.

They truly did a fantastic job with the room and puzzles. It took us nearly a full half hour to solve everything and open that final door.

When we did get it opened, we were in for a fright! They had set up a human-size scary clown right inside the door!

Needless to say, I may’ve jumped just a bit.

Fast forward to later that night – The Fellow and I typically sleep on a camp cot at their place when we go up for parties as it’s a bit of a drive from the house. They set the cot up in the dining area which has a straight line of sight up the hallway to the bathroom door.

In the middle of the night, I heard another party guest (who’d had a biiit much to drink) get up to use the restroom but never heard him come back. When I opened my eyes, I could see him standing in the bathroom doorway, silhouetted in the moonlight, just staring into the bathroom mirror.

Concerned, I called out, “Hey, buddy, you ok?” To my confusion, from behind me on the couch, I was answered, “Yea, all good. Just went to the bathroom.” Well, if he’s right there, then who’s standing in the bathroom doorway . . . because The Fellow was asleep beside me?!

I panicked for a minute. My heart started racing; then I figured it out. IT.WAS.THE.CLOWN. Which didn’t exactly make me feel better about the situation.

In the middle of the night, The Fellow and our friend “K” had gone out to the garage/basement area and retrieved the creepy clown and had set it up at the end of the hallway directly opposite our host’s door so when they woke up and exited their bedroom, they’d be met face-to-face with the clown just like we’d been in the escape room!

I didn’t sleep too soundly after that point.

All of our Hallowen activities this year have been awesome. What awesome Halloween-themed things have you gotten to experience this year?



So Sleepy . . .

Hey There,

Woof. Y’all, I’m running on fumes.

I miss being able to stay up until the wee hours of the morning; then popping out of bed with maaaybe 5 hours of sleep and going on repeat.

Unfortunately, the coffee situation at work has somehow managed to get worse now that we’re in the new building.

I’ve kept myself at a 2-cup a day cap on my coffee, and they’re my favorite part of my morning, but it’s really rough if they aren’t good.

I’m thinking I may get a French press but that seems like a pain at the office, and K-Cups are expensive and bad for the environment.

What are your bad office coffee solutions? Let me know!



Hey There!

Y’all, it’s cold. It seems like all of the seasons have been so screwed up this year. It’s not looking like we’ll get much of a fall. I’ve decided that I’m not letting Mother Nature win though. I’m sticking to sweater weather and not bringing out my coat just yet. I will have fall, darn it!

As we’re heading into my least favorite time of year, I’ve prepared by stocking up on fleece-lined leggings and more fuzzy socks are in my immediate future.

I’m also taking some time away to just read and do crafts and little things that I’ve missed doing for a while now! I’m cutting myself a little slack on the housework that needs to be done and just doing things that I enjoy!

This week I’ve been working on my Halloween costume which I’ll be excited to share with you next week.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s going to be magical!

What are you planning on being for Halloween?




Another Year Older

Hey There!

Have you ever met someone and forever after whenever you think of them the image ingrained in your mind never ages? No matter how long it’s been they are forever the same as when you first met?

I’m bad for doing that. There are people in my life who I’ve known for more than a decade and even though our relationship has spanned from AOL instant messenger to Myspace, then Facebook and on, when I think of them I still imagine them so much younger than we are now.

It seems that I do this with myself as well. I felt like I’d be 17 forever; then I hung on to 19 as long as I could, and in a few days I’m getting ready to say goodbye to 25, but I think I’m going to be feeling it for a long while yet.

We spend so much time when we are growing up wishing we were adults. Now, looking around at my “adult” friends, I don’t know what type of adults I thought we’d be. No one has it together like my mother always seemed to, but if different, we’re all doing pretty well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this upcoming birthday. I wish I’d done more things in my early 20s, that I’d gone on more adventures before things were quite so serious with a full-time time career, a house, and husband when travel becomes ever so slightly more difficult. (What is it with the US and their 2 weeks of vacation time? Europe has 3 weeks y’all. Can we hop on that bandwagon?) But now I have my own cozy space to call home and someone waiting for me when I get there from my little adventures.

There are things that I still want to do and places to explore. I can’t wait to see what 26 brings!

Dream Larger Than Life

Hey There!

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? No matter what you said, it was fine.

No one ever told you you’d probably fail or it wasn’t a stable income, what the statistics were or the salary. It didn’t matter how outlandish the job was; you were convinced that is what it would be, and everyone went along with it.

When did we stop believing we could do anything? At what age? What birthday with what number of candles?

I recently did something a little crazy. I won’t say what because it doesn’t really impact this post, but what does matter is that I went back to something I love that brings me joy, and I decided I was going to take a little leap. I pushed down the voices of everyone who had ever criticized me or told me I wasn’t good enough. I banished what I knew mainstream thought processes deem good enough, and I gave myself permission to say, “What if and why not?”

I reminded myself that if I don’t try, the answer will ALWAYS be “no” instead of just maybe the possible outcome I desire. I promised myself that if it didn’t work out (which it didn’t) I wouldn’t let the outcome steal my joy or love or damage how I think of myself.

Guess what? I grew.

What if WE applied those same thoughts to large things in our lives. What could we ALL accomplish if we loved ourselves and each other and helped to lift each other and seek to support from a place of grace and love instead of to corral and pinch everyone into the same mold?

I grew the tiniest amount this week, and I want to encourage every one of you to do something outside of your comfort zone too! Do one thing this week that the voice in the back of your mind says, “Oh, better not.” And no matter the outcome, love yourself that much more for committing and trying.

We have so much potential. Let’s reach for our dreams!