Stitch Fix

Hey There!

So, I tried a thing. And I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.

Some ladies at work are OBSESSED with Stitch Fix, and considering how much I hate shopping I figured I’d give it a try – especially now that I need maternity clothes. The tricky part is that while I want things to wear now, I also want things that I can still use after Little Bit arrives.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile and you can also link them to a fashion Pinterest board, so your stylist can get a better idea of what you’re thinking and pull things they think match it.

So far, one thing I will say I’m pleased about is the quality of the clothes. Stitch Fix items are pricey (most pieces being around $50), but I’m willing to pay a bit more for the quality.

I’ve received two boxes so far, but I’m really conflicted with how I feel. I’m fairly picky when it comes to clothes. The things I have bought I probably would never have tried on if they hadn’t been mailed to me. I think if I can get my stylist more dialed in to my fashion taste, it would be worth sticking with it.

Out of each box, I’ve only kept one of the five items (if you buy all 5 you get a discount on the total box cost). The good thing is that you can give them feedback on their picks or let them know if you want them to include something different or special in your next box. You can also request a new stylist, which I’m considering for my third box. But I feel so bad about it, like I’m firing the poor girl! We’ll see if I actually go through with it.

If I’m going to stick with the subscription, the stylist picks will need to improve. I’ll keep you guys posted on if it improves.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What are your thoughts? Love it or leave it – let me know!


Cleansing Face Oil

Hey There!

Okay, y’all. I know that cleansing face oil sounds like an oxymoron. We all know that oil does nothing to help the whole acne situation, but I found one that changed my mind!

First of all, I was skeptical. Typically these things are too good to be true, but I figured I’d give it a shot since I stopped wearing makeup when I found out we were expecting.

I get some serious stress acne around my scalp line, and my chin has been a problem area forever. Seriously, I thought acne was supposed to stop when you got past the teenage years, but apparently that’s a lie. Also, no one tells you pregnancy acne is a thing.

On top of my acne issues, I also get dry skin on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. Basically, every makeup free time in my adult life has been as a result of the under eye dryness. It flakes and I call it zombie eye, so I’m all about anything to get rid of that issue.

This oil has been a miracle for both problems.

Image result for primally pure cleansing oil

It’s the cleansing oil from Primally Pure, and I got the normal skin formula. They also have a dry and oily formula.

The best part for me (outside of the fact that my face is now clearer than it has been since before I hit 16) is that it’s organic, natural, and comes in a glass bottle so it can be recycled. Well, it could if my town hadn’t stopped doing glass recycling . . . which is seriously upsetting.

I’ve also used their lip balms and natural deodorant and love those as well. Seriously, the lip balm is the best stuff ever.

I will say though that while the label is easy to read (which is amazing), you’ve got to be kind of prepared to actually KNOW what you’re putting on your body. We’re so used to ingredient lists a mile long with unpronounceable items that it can be a shock to just read “tallow from organic grass-fed cows” and register what that actually means. There’s that or worse in regular drugstore products, but you can turn a blind eye when it’s not laid out so frankly.

I’ve been using these products for months now, and I’m really pleased with them. The cleansing oil routine can seem like a bit much You rub it in and then cover your face with a warm wash cloth and then wipe it off, but it feels amaaaazing.

If you’re looking for a new face routine or are struggling with acne, I completely recommend checking out Primally Pure!

Disappointing Movies

Hey There!

The other night The Fellow and I wanted to watch a movie, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for so we wound up watching Disney”s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. (I don’t know why I always end up watching Christmas movies in summer.) Afterward, The Fellow and I chatted about how we’re both so disappointed with most movies today.

Now, I don’t watch a ton of movies, but I love a good animated film. I used to like to watch kids’ movies because they would be full of magic, fantasy, and characters you love who are endearing as they learn, grow, overcome obstacles, and share values of good overcoming evil. Lately, however, I’ve been avoiding kids’ movies because they’re just disappointing. I’d add a caveat to this by saying that I don’t know that it’s ALL movies or ALL children’s movies, but, man, does it feel like it.

The best way I can describe it is that the few movies I’ve seen lately have left me feeling hollow instead of warm and fuzzy or at least entertained. There’s no depth to the story or the characters. I’m not even really concerned with the plot. (And the Nutcracker ended SO anticlimactically, I wish I had just watched the actual ballet.)

I don’t understand why movies are like this. I LOVE the original Disney movies. It makes no sense to me that the new live-action ones somehow don’t change much as far as story or characters, yet they somehow fall flat.

The Fellow thinks a lot of it is the heavy-handed use of CGI that Disney  has been relying on lately. I agree. I’ve never been a fan. The first movie I remember watching being completely CGI was The Polar Express, and it just looked so odd. Now, it’s every kids’ movie! I don’t understand why they can’t just make a movie with some special effects and real people? The overwhelming CGI is unnerving. They can’t make it look completely realistic, and instead they make the people look strange.

There’s something wonderful about the older stuff. I can block out a few wires to believe the magic, and hand-drawn animation is pure magic. I’m just not down with this weird in-between world we’re in today. Add that to the lack of story development, and it’s not something I want to waste my time watching.

Am I missing something ? Maybe there’s a movie out there that has a phenomenal story that will change my mind? Let me know if you think of one! I’ll give it a try!

Gender Announcement!

Hey There!

I can hardly believe we’re already to week 23 of this pregnancy! We revealed the gender to the immediate family last weekend, and now I’m excited to share it with you!

Little Bit is a girl!! She’s due in October, and we’re so excited.

We asked our families to guess what they thought the gender would be, and I saw a lot of pink guesses. My father has this bizarre knack for guessing genders. Chalk it up to mountain voodoo, but he’s never wrong and, of course, he was right about Little Bit.

I had a blast planning and organizing the reveal BBQ. Since it’s summer and The Fellow has an undying love for Hawaiian shirts and I’m still riding out this pink flamingo obsession, I decided to go for a luau theme.

My mother made the macaroni salad, and my mother-in-law made deviled eggs, so I only had a few dishes to prepare which made the prep portion nice and easy.

Something that was not as easy as anticipated was the balloon cluster. I had originally pulled inspiration for a balloon arch from a Pinterest image, but a few factors led us to shortening the arch to a cluster. First, I was NOT anticipating how round a balloon arch is! Our little porch space was not going to accommodate the whole arch and have room for the food. The second was that the air compressor we had wasn’t working, so we wound up blowing all of the balloons up ourselves. When I say “we,” I mean The Fellow and Little J. I was in charge of attaching them to the arch string.

Can you see the gold-speckled balloons in the picture? I had thought they’d be printed with the gold, but they were actually filled with confetti! The Fellow was blowing one up, and it popped and confetti went EVERYWHERE. I laughed SO hard.

Overall, the decorations were easy to find and assemble. The leaves in the arch and the sand shovels and pails came from Hobby Lobby. The table cloth was from Michael’s. The flamingo cut-outs were from the Dollar Tree, and I scored the adorable flamingo party pack on Amazon.

The actual reveal was a cake I baked with Little J’s help. Sticking with the theme and some Pinterest inspiration, I made a pineapple cake, but not the type you normally think of. This was a white cake (dyed pink) in the shape of a pineapple!  This was my first experience with shaving a cake, and it went pretty smoothly. I used the top off of a real pineapple and fastened it with a skewer to keep it secure. I was a little worried about dyeing the batter pink. (BTW, 4 drops of red food dye to 1 box of white cake batter is the perfect ration), but it all came out well. I didn’t even bother with a piping tip to do the icing. I just cut the end off of the pastry bag and did little dollops around the base of the cake staggering them.

It may not have looked like real pineapple, but it was cute and served its purpose.

Overall, I think the theme was a success, and it was nice to get the two families together to celebrate the new addition.

Lord of The Rings

Hey There!

The Fellow and I have started reading together in the evenings. (Well, I read aloud to him.)

For years, ever so often he would ask me questions about the history of the Dwarves in Lord of the Rings. It’s been so long since I’ve read them myself, and I knew he’d never make it through them, so we decided just to read them together.

It’s quickly become the highlight of our evening. We’re both much more engaged than if we just #netflixandchill’d. It’s great together time, and the perfect transition to bedtime for me since we snuggle up in bed to read.

I’m enjoying sharing it with him because I’ve been a long-time fan, and it’s fun to watch him discover things cut from the movies and talk about how we envision parts and characters. (Although we are decidedly in disagreement on our feelings about Tom Bombadil. I love him, and The Fellow doesn’t think he quite fits in Middle Earth.)

We probably should’ve started with the Simirillian, so I think we’ll do that after we finish the trilogy.

The only downside to reading aloud is the pacing. I’m used to clipping through a book in a day or two when reading to myself. I’ve been joking that this will be the first book Little Bit ever hears because there is absolutely no way we’ll be done by the time he/she makes his/her appearance!

That’s ok though. You’re never too young to be exposed to good literature!

Anyone else out there read with their spouses? What should we put on our book list?

Shrimp Tacos!

Hey There!

Y’all, I’m not really a taco person.

I’ve never been on the whole Taco Tuesday train, but after hanging out with The Fellow for so long, I do appreciate some Chipotle, but it’s never my first thought for a meal.

At Book Club a few weeks back, the wonderful hostess served mini shrimp tacos. They. Were. Amazing.

She took individual scoop tortilla chips and filled them with avocado, some pineapple salsa, and topped them with a shrimp.

I wasn’t prepared to love them so much!

A week or two later, our lovely friends J and L had us over for dinner, and they made the full-size version and they were just as yummy.

L served hers with a light cilantro-lime flavored rice, and she chopped up some extra pineapple, so I went pretty pineapple heavy which made them so delicious! (Really, I can’t stop thinking about them!)

Shrimp tacos make such a great summer food, and with how quick they are to make, I’m definitely going to be eating them a lot! You should try them out!

Baby Overload


There. Is. So. Much. Baby. Stuff. Out. There.

Like, seriously. How are there that many options for that many things and so many opinions?!

Now, I’m going to be honest. I know very little about babies. I’m the youngest in the family and don’t really have any cousins that much younger than me that I was around to give me a ton of baby exposure.

Since we’re trying to downsize, I guess I’m taking a minimalist approach to baby items. I follow a few blogs that deal with raising babies with a small footprint, and I’m checking into products they love, but it’s insane how many things you need or should get.

I’m trying to research the necessities vs. the luxuries and the things that just make life easier, but there is so much to sift through!

So far I have a few sets of clothes, a high chair, pack ‘n play, baby rocker, and a baby wrap . . . I’m looking for strollers, a car seat, a convertible crib, and whatever else I need. Here’s hoping I make the right choices and don’t wind up buried in baby stuff we don’t need or use!

What were your baby must-haves and what do you think are unnecessary? Let me know!

Vintage Travel Trailer Remodel: Part 4

Hey There!

Guys. We. Are. So. Close.

To our first camper trip that is. We’ve been working on Rosie at least one day every weekend, and at this point at least the inside should be done in time.

We made a few changes to our plans from the last time I posted.

We did not remove the cabinets, but kept them and Daddy altered the old ice box section into a cabinet with shelves. The old heater sections became an open storage area under the sink where we can keep a water jug if we don’t have water hookups. That will pretty much finish up the kitchen area except for cutting 2 doors for the new cabinets/storage areas. I got some pretty shelf liners that prettify it up!

We kept the original sink and repainted it. We’re keeping the original faucet as well, but I replaced the hand pump. I bought a new propane cooktop, and my father sourced a new countertop for us and roughed them in. He’s also going to handle all of the water and propane lines and the electric for the mini-fridge.

To my great relief, we were finally able to get the new flooring laid and the boxes constructed. All that’s left on those is to nail down molding along the perimeter of the camper, screw the seat boxes down, and paint the lids.

That just leaves me some interior decorative things to work on until we can get down again: the curtains for the windows, a spice rack box, and the awning.

I’m pretty bummed that it’s not looking like we’ll get the exterior painted but at least we’ll be comfy if not pretty!

I Need Your Help!

Hey There!

First of all, I’m sorry for the radio silence last week. We lost a friend, and I took the week off from posting.

Our beach trip is coming up soon, and we’re slowly making progress on Rosie Lee.

My father built shelves into the kitchen area and got it all sanded for me to paint, and The Fellow started rebuilding the seat boxes. Hopefully, this weekend we’ll get those finished and the floor.

We’re still deciding what type of air conditioner to get, either a portable one or a split ductless AC. If you have experience with either of those, I’d love to hear about it.

While talking with a co-worker about camping and RVing, she mentioned a few things that she had forgotten to pack on their first few trips (like potholders!) and it got me to thinking, what could I be missing from my packing list?

I try to make very detailed lists in advance, so I can add things as I think about them, but I’m always nervous I’m missing something obvious. (I went to 4-H camp one year without a towel!)

What are your best RV hacks/packing list suggestions so I make sure I’m not caught unawares?