I Need Your Help!

Hey There!

First of all, I’m sorry for the radio silence last week. We lost a friend, and I took the week off from posting.

Our beach trip is coming up soon, and we’re slowly making progress on Rosie Lee.

My father built shelves into the kitchen area and got it all sanded for me to paint, and The Fellow started rebuilding the seat boxes. Hopefully, this weekend we’ll get those finished and the floor.

We’re still deciding what type of air conditioner to get, either a portable one or a split ductless AC. If you have experience with either of those, I’d love to hear about it.

While talking with a co-worker about camping and RVing, she mentioned a few things that she had forgotten to pack on their first few trips (like potholders!) and it got me to thinking, what could I be missing from my packing list?

I try to make very detailed lists in advance, so I can add things as I think about them, but I’m always nervous I’m missing something obvious. (I went to 4-H camp one year without a towel!)

What are your best RV hacks/packing list suggestions so I make sure I’m not caught unawares?


Summer Checklist

Hey There!

We’ve got so much to do on the house and Little Bit’s room that lately I’ve been daydreaming about just relaxing through this last summer when it’s just the two of us. I’m soooo ready to be beach bound!

I’ve already gotten a maternity swimsuit, and I’m looking forward to feeling the warm sun on my skin and hearing the waves rolling around me.

Aside from just relaxing beach side, I have some other things on my summer to-do list!

In no particular order:

-All of the fruit smoothies. Preferably poolside. With an umbrella.

-Star gazing

-Enjoy coffee and the sunrise

-Mini golf

-Go antiquing

-Road trip!


-Singing around the campfire

-River float (although I don’t think I can actually do that one this year)

-Naps! lots of naps.

-Eat all of my favorite summer foods


These are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to enjoying this summer. What are you most looking forward to?

Vintage Travel Trailer Remodel: Part 3

Hey There!

Progress on Rosie Lee is slow going, but we’ve made some gains.

We’ve gotten everything pulled out of the camper and ripped the seat boxes out completely. Next we’re ripping out the cabinets in the front, getting them ready for new ones.

Now that we’ve gotten everything taken out, we’re ready to lay the new flooring; then we can rebuild the boxes and sink cabinets. I’m hoping that the reconstruction goes a bit quicker than I’m thinking it will.

Since we can only work on the camper on the weekends, I’ve been Pinterest and vintage camper FB group scrolling non-stop. I’ve also been collecting bits and pieces for her.

I have a mini obsession this summer, and I’m indulging it fully with my camper purchases – pink flamingos! So far, I’ve got a plate/utensil caddy, some pretty awesome solar lights, a doormat, and a table cloth.

Our deadline is FAST approaching, so I’m not sure if the awning or outside painting will happen, but I think we’ll be able to at least get the interior done in time.

I will keep you posted!

A Little Announcement

Hey There!

We have a little announcement, and I want to be respectful of where you are in your life and journey, so please be aware of this, as some future posts may be a trigger for those with fertility struggles.

Please, please, do what you need to be healthy and feel free to navigate away and join us later, or even unsubscribe if you need to. I still love you and wish you all the best.

With that said, we’re expecting a baby!

I spend a lot of time pondering, thinking and reflecting, and I’ve already started talking (thinking) to the baby, and I keep calling him/her “Little Bit.” So I guess I’ll stick with that nickname here.

At the moment, I don’t know how much of an online presence Little Bit will have, internet safety and all. But I’m sure that he/she will be mentioned – a lot.

We are ecstatic about our family growing, and it’s been so incredibly hard to keep the news quiet. I  need to talk things out to plan and process. But now we can let you know and share our excitement with you!

Bad Blood

Hey There!

So, because I have all of the time in the world, I joined a second book club.

I missed our first book, Where the Crawdad Sings, but joined in for this month’s book, Bad Blood.

Since I don’t actively seek out news stories, I’m not too surprised that I hadn’t heard of the Theranos scandal, but I’ve sure heard about it now.

Bad Blood is a non-fiction book and not something I’d usually pick to read, but I’m glad the group chose it.

It’s written incredibly well. The level of research and detail is amazing, understandably so, because it’s written by the journalist that essentially toppled the bio-tech company and who was attacked by them.

For someone who lived part of the story, I didn’t feel that he let it color his narrative. It truly felt like reading an objective journalistic piece.

All of the ladies in the book club were enthralled by the story of the company and its bizarrely hypnotic CEO Elizabeth Holmes and did extra research into her life and the stories of other key players.

I need to get my hands on the recent documentary and we’re all excited for the movie. It’s interesting because the saga isn’t over. Holmes was in court this week, and her trial is ongoing. I’m going to try to flare where she winds up.

Even if you’re like me and not a fan of non-fiction, you should give this book a try!

What’s the last unexpected good book you’ve read? Let me know in the comments below!


Hey There!

The gal who sits behind me at work has been chatting with me about Bones, and I realized I never actually watched the last season.

I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed by it! It wrapped things up so nicely, no sharp edges or missing pieces. Just a nice, gentle close.

After jumping back in 12 seasons deep, it made me want to go back to the beginning, so I did!

It’s amazing how much the characters progress through the seasons, and I’m glad that they remain mostly the same throughout the span of the show. They have such a fun cast, who are SO funny. There’s a lot of nerd humor, but it’s tempered with Angela and Booth’s normal interactions. You watch the characters grow together year by year.

For the majority of the episodes, they’re one-offs which I love, one episode = one case. There are a few longer story lines, but they don’t drag on too long, and they’re still really good. (I’ve had too many shows turn into soap operas on me, and it drives me crazy!)

If you’re as much of a sucker for a good crime show as I am and you’ve somehow managed never to see an episode of Bones, I highly recommend checking it out.

Vintage Scarves

Hey There!

A few months ago, we had a little get together with my mother’s side of the family.

At the time, I was trying to wear vintage style as much as possible (more on why that’s stopped for a bit later).

Most of the meal, I spent reconnecting with my cousin. She and her husband have a business selling neat collectibles on eBay, and we were chatting about vintage clothing and what people are looking for.

I mentioned that I was starting to look for more vintage scarves and brooches, and she said that she would keep an eye out for me.

A few weeks later she sent me a package in the mail of all of these beautiful scarves! I’ve been wearing them with some basic t-shirts and loving them!

I love that they can dress up any outfit! There are even a few animal print ones I’m wondering if I’ll be daring enough to wear.

Since I loved the gift so much, I thought I’d share their eBay stores with you, so you can snag some of the awesome things they’ve found! They hit up auctions and estate sales and bring home all kind of goodies. Click here and here!


Flat Stanley

Hey There!

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? He’s a character from a book series written by Jeff Brown. Stanley can mail himself on all kinds of adventures. Sometimes schools will do a Flat Stanley activity with their kids, and they all get to color their own Stanley and mail him off and see where all he goes!

My mother works with a woman who received Stanley from her niece in Circleville, West Virginia. Since her co-worker wasn’t heading anywhere exciting, my mother offered to take Stanley with us on our adventures this past weekend. I think Stanley had a pretty fun time!

We went through four states, got to hang out with Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, toured Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and saw a theatre show!

Have you ever been a part of a Flat Stanley Project? Where did you take him?