. . . Who’s This Guy?

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Ooooh, friends. I feel like it’s been a long while since we’ve had one of those “This could only happen to me” stories. Well, in this case it’s a “This could only happen to my family” story.

You may recall that in December we always go up to visit the family graves and lay wreaths on the headstones. 

Now you would think that this would be a relatively calm day. Laid back, quiet even. I know that’s more or less what I expected. 

We creep through the entrance of the cemetery and up to the family plot. My father hops out, let’s the tailgate down, pulls the first wreath out, and begins to adjust the ornaments and bows, while my grandmother and I go back and forth about whether it’s too cold to get out of the car. Eventually, both she and I bumble out of the car and join my father and mother walking up to the plot.

As we near the headstone, my father stops. Still holding the wreath, he looks down at a grave just barely covered with new grass and goes, “Huh. Who’s this guy?”

It was absolutely the last thing I anticipated him saying. But sure enough, we had a new neighbor. 

Now we had always been told that the family plot had four spaces left. The plot is a square, and there is a family headstone in the center of the plot. Currently, there are two spaces occupied both in front of the headstone and on the back side of the headstone.

The remaining four spots are also split with two in the front and two in the back; however, they’re split (and I can’t help but want to describe it like a 2-pin split in bowling) with one on each side of the current tenant. Upon closer inspection, our new neighbor is juuuuuuuust outside of a newly discovered plot marker to the left of a very, very tiny open plot that I don’t believe any new vault will fit.

Needless to say, the family is a bit concerned and will be reaching out to the cemetery to review plot boundaries and the like, but really – what does one DO at this point?!

He’s rather settled into his new digs at this point. (Sorry, too punny? Too terrible?) I told my parents that I don’t need a spot anyway. I’m rather attached to the idea of being cremated and turned into one of those memorial tree pods. Heck, I may even buy an acre or two of land somewhere and put down some roots. Make a family plot – add a picnic table, tire swing. That way the family can all get together for summer picnics . . . 

What would you do in this situation? Let me know!


Annie’s Country Creamery – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Hey There!

I know. I know. It’s December. The time of year for hot cocoa, wassail, and egg nog – not ice cream.But let’s be real. I love ice cream any time of the year.My folks and I were up in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, the other day visiting my grandmother, and we decided to swing by a new ice cream parlor a cousin had recommended – Annie’s Country Creamery.

We had initially intended just to drive by and see where it was located, but after some discussion we decided to go ahead and stop in because a big chocolate milkshake with whipped cream on top sounded absolutely amaaazing.
I only wish I had some French fries to dunk in it! (Seriously, try it if you haven’t.)Annie’s is a neat little spot because it’s attached to a little country store; however, the ice cream alone made it ABSOLUTELY worth the stop! 

Keeping it local, they serve Windy Knoll small batch ice cream from up the road in Chambersburg. There are a ton of flavors to pick from and you can take a carton home with you.

I’m SO glad we decided to stop and check it out!

Don’t Judge a Book . . .

Hey There! 

Everyone knows better than to judge a book by its cover, right? But is it ok to judge a gal by her bookshelf?

I don’t know your opinion on that, but I might judge juuuuuust a bit.

I merged and rearranged two bookshelves in my living room the other day, and I LOVE how it came out!

I even saved a bit of room for some Christmas decorations!

Over the years, I’ve definitely read my share of terrible  books, but they never really stuck around. 

The books that have stuck around at this point are old friends, even if there are one or two guilty pleasures stuck in there. (Seriously, I’ve re-read Glitter Baby probably a dozen times.)

I’ve moved these books from apartment to apartment, and the funny thing is I always organize them the same way.

I saw some blasphemous thing a while back on Pinterest that organized bookshelves by cover color, but I just can’t get behind it.

Regardless of how many times I’ve moved my books, the groupings always stay the same.

Starting at the top:

Eragon because it falls into fantasy and I didn’t want to have too many series together on the next shelf down, fairy books (yes, there are multiple), fairy tales, plus Gone With The Wind and related titles.

Next shelf:

A Series of Unfortunate Events, classics, and weird library castoffs I love.

Last shelf:

Mostly Christian historical romance novels, Anne of Green Gables, and  Irish books.

Are you judging my book choices at all? What is your system for organizing your books?

Power of Positive Thought

Hey There.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that my mother edits my blogs for me, and half the time I almost hold my breath waiting for a text message that reads, “Huh?”

I know sometimes she must shake her head at me, her crazy daughter, and wonder how did I get so “woo-woo.” (I’m going to go ahead and blame liberal college and friends for that one btw.) But I don’t think I’m too terribly crazy . . . Remember that going forward.

You know when people tell you things, and you just kind of nod and shake your head and go, ok . . . For years, I felt like positive affirmations fell into that category –   somewhere between healing crystals and hypnosis for weight loss.

It’s always sounded just a little too out there for me. However, the more podcasts I listened to and articles I read regarding growth, development, and success, the more I learned about the importance of mindset and your internal monologue.

The fact is it’s pretty darn hard to change the way you think. Your thoughts have comfy, little patterns set in your brain, and it’s a bit painful for them to change.

So just for kicks, I decided to try listening to some positive statements before bed and in the morning. To my surprise, they really worked!

My mood has drastically improved, and I’ve been able to cling to a few little mantras when my work environment got stressful. I even went to a party and managed to use a phrase or two to help my socially awkward self make some new acquaintances. I think I’m hooked! (The fun, calming music in the background is also a plus.)

Even if it is a little “woo-woo,” I think we should all be open to trying anything to make ourselves happier and improve how we treat ourselves. If you haven’t given positive affirmations a try, check out this one. It’s just a quick 10-minute video to remind yourself – You’re awesome, and you’ve got this!



Body Positivity

Hey There!

I’ve been hanging out in some weird online spaces lately. Post-wedding, I have next to no interest in scrolling on Pinterest. All it does is flare up my anxiety and make me feel like I need to be following other people’s rules and guidelines for a picture-perfect house and life.

Right now I am choosing to focus on getting my life and house to where I want them to be. Not where everyone else is or thinks I should be.

I’ve been spending time working to improve my mindset and have been taking a break from a LOT of things. If I ever miss a post, please know that I love you, but I’m choosing to be with loved ones or to take care of myself rather than rushing and stressing to get something up.

The places at which I’ve been spending most of my online time are Instagram and listening to podcasts. However, both spaces look completely different. My podcasts are self-improvement and marketing-based. (There’s a lot of woo-woo positive mindset and love yourself happening there.) My Instagram world is heavily focused on vintage and pin-up fashion, which surprisingly also has a lot of positive mindset aspects to it as well.

I think there is some criticism from those outside the vintage fashion community. It is thought to be dominated by women who are unhappy with how they look or their bodies, so they paint and contort themselves with extreme makeup and corsets. Or that it’s purely for the pleasure of men and is all sex and sex appeal.

I don’t really believe any of those things.

For me, I see just as much body positivity and self-love from the pinup models and brands I follow that I do from people who subscribe to a more natural beauty style like Jenna Kutcher who is an aeriereal model. It just looks different.

Loving yourself and how you look and how you feel isn’t solely limited to natural makeup and embracing your stretch marks (and trust me, with hips like mine, I know a thing or two about stretch marks). It’s about embracing whatever makes you feel fabulous.

When I look at professional pinup models or even just other women posting their daily outfits or hair sets, I don’t think it’s oppressive or they’re twisting their real selves into a form only for the pleasure of a man. All I think is how beautiful and happy they look. They feel empowered and sexy. I know nothing makes me feel more confident than an amazing outfit and my red lipstick. I don’t feel fake or untrue to myself. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I want. I’m focusing on well-cut pieces of clothing that accentuate my form and femininity and that is AMAZING.

I love that two cultures I participate in – that seem like they should be so different – both focus and promote the same thing: that it doesn’t matter if you prefer natural beauty or high glamor, just as long as you love you. Do whatever it is that makes you happiest.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Hey There!


I hope that everyone’s Thanksgivings were amazing.


We attended all 5 of our Thanksgiving celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I always find it fun to experience meals and traditions of other people’s families. Between the work potluck and Friendsgiving, we got to try a TON of different dishes.

The Fellow made it his mission at the work potluck to try every. single. homemade dish there. It took him two plates, but he did it! He sampled every type of mac and cheese, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole! I was afraid he was going to explode!



With so many family meals, we get a wide array of selections there as well. There’s sweet potato casserole with bits of pecan and crumbled brown sugar on top, old-fashioned glazed sweet potatoes, two types of broccoli casserole, and turkey – turkey with bacon, roasted turkey with olive oil, salt and pepper crisped turkey, and rosemary and parsley buttered turkey. There’s even several variations of cranberry! Jellied, whole berries, and spiced!



I love every single dinner and not just because turkey and the trimmings is one of my favorite meals, but because each one is prepared with love by the people I love.



What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Let me know in the comments!

Online Shopping

Hey There!

I spend a lot of time shopping online, y’all, or should I say browsing? Half the time I put stuff into my shopping cart but never actually pull the trigger.

There’s something to be said for actually touching and trying on things before you buy them. I’m bad about missing the fine print or important sizing information, and most of the time I won’t mess with a return. I’ll call it a loss or make The Fellow handle the return for me.

With Christmas right around the corner, my hatred of crowded shopping centers outweighs my hesitance to actually go through with online purchases, and packages have been slowly coming into the house. My goal is to have everything purchased by December first, so I can relax and enjoy bad Netflix movies, hot cocoa, and Christmas lights.

Since so many packages have been showing up on my doorstep, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to slip one in for myself! Unfortunately, it just reaffirmed what I think about online shopping – it’s never what you expect.

I’ve been OBSESSED with Mrs. Turner’s glasses from Call the Midwife and was stoked when I found a pair of vintage upswept glasses. The posting and pictures shows a small crack in the arm which I was ok with epoxying over. However, when they got here, the crack was more of a giant chunk missing, which in itself was an issue, but the glasses themselves were tiny. I’m not sure if I got tiny old lady glasses, or if people in the early 1960s just had tiny heads . . .

At least all of the Christmas gifts have come in with no issues so far!

Anyone else out there have online shopping horror stories? Make me feel better and share them in the comments below!


How Much Is Too Much?

Y’all, I have a serious question for you . . .

How much turkey is too much?

This weekend we’re hosting Friendsgiving which will be the first of our Thanksgiving meals. Then we have a work potluck Thanksgiving, my family’s Thanksgiving, The Fellow’s family’s Thanksgiving, and finally an extended family Thanksgiving.

That’s FIVE Thanksgiving meals. I’m at risk of looking like Joey from Friends on Thanksgiving day! He definitely had the right idea that’s for sure – real pants are NOT an option.

The fun thing about having so many places to go for the holidays is that each place has something different from all the rest, and all of the food will be delectable.

We’re preparing the turkey and sweet potatoes for Friendsgiving. My mother assures me we don’t need to bring anything to their house. The Fellow is handling a cranberry pork loin for work, so all I need to do is figure out what to make for the other two meals.

What are your favorite dishes to make for Thanksgiving? Help me decide what to take!


Simple Things

Hey There!

Y’all, this is a short post, but I just had to share the adorableness happening over here.

When little Luna came to us, she was sent with her favorite toys, many of which she still enjoys. One of her favorites was a feather wand that has since gone missing. (Seriously, where do cats put things?!)

I bought her a couple of toy mice that she was never interested in, but somewhere along the line we got the idea to make a huuuge toy wand by tying a boot string to a dowel rod and the toy mouse’s tail.

The length of the dowel rod gives it an extra long reach which means that The Fellow can play with the kitten from the comfort of his chair!

I know, I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but she LOVES it. We’ll catch her pawing at the toy and then looking at us or walking from us to the toy and back, asking us to play. It’s the absolute cutest. 

She’s also been spending a lot of time chilling in boxes and baskets around the house. It almost makes me feel guilty to throw/put them away. I’m really considering seeing if I can stage a Christmas basket picture. Knowing our little Luna-tic, she probably won’t play along, but we’ll at least try!

What are your furry friend’s most unlikely favorite toys? Let me know!


Vintage Fashion

Hey there!

I’ve been trolling some online sites looking for true vintage and vintage-inspired pieces lately. My goal is still to ultimately make dresses from those awesome vintage patterns I grabbed, but until my workspace is set up in the basement, I want a less labor-intensive option. (And  online makes it easier to find some neat things rather than being locked into what your area has to offer.)

With this in mind, I’ve started stalking my favorite retro-inspired dolls on Instagram and Pinterest. (Honestly, I’ve been an Instagal over Pinterest.) I think I’ve figured out something about my style. While I love 50s-styled giant novelty skirts and crinolines in bright jewel tones, when it comes to paying out for them, I’d rather have either an early or later piece in muted or earth tones. Right now I’m stuck between loving the 40s and early 60s! (I know, such a weird place to be hanging out!)

I did score locally a few 80s vintage straight skirts with pockets that I’m loving. I feel like more pencil skirts are in my future.

Also, I bought this fun collared shirt I’m obsessed with, and I want to make some more detachable collars to be able to wear under some other sweaters for winter.

I love this lace collar shirt! Also, I don’t think I’ve shown off my awesome haircut in straight form. I’ve wanted to do a true bob for YEARS and never quite got around to it. I LOVE it!

I’m also feeling like some opaque tights are next on my purchase list! Why is it that fall always puts me in a shopping mood? Seriously! I’m trying to declutter my house and at the same time build my wardrobe . . . Yikes!

What are your must-purchase fall items? Do you get a new flannel each Thanksgiving? Let me know!