Hey There!

The gal who sits behind me at work has been chatting with me about Bones, and I realized I never actually watched the last season.

I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed by it! It wrapped things up so nicely, no sharp edges or missing pieces. Just a nice, gentle close.

After jumping back in 12 seasons deep, it made me want to go back to the beginning, so I did!

It’s amazing how much the characters progress through the seasons, and I’m glad that they remain mostly the same throughout the span of the show. They have such a fun cast, who are SO funny. There’s a lot of nerd humor, but it’s tempered with Angela and Booth’s normal interactions. You watch the characters grow together year by year.

For the majority of the episodes, they’re one-offs which I love, one episode = one case. There are a few longer story lines, but they don’t drag on too long, and they’re still really good. (I’ve had too many shows turn into soap operas on me, and it drives me crazy!)

If you’re as much of a sucker for a good crime show as I am and you’ve somehow managed never to see an episode of Bones, I highly recommend checking it out.


Vintage Scarves

Hey There!

A few months ago, we had a little get together with my mother’s side of the family.

At the time, I was trying to wear vintage style as much as possible (more on why that’s stopped for a bit later).

Most of the meal, I spent reconnecting with my cousin. She and her husband have a business selling neat collectibles on eBay, and we were chatting about vintage clothing and what people are looking for.

I mentioned that I was starting to look for more vintage scarves and brooches, and she said that she would keep an eye out for me.

A few weeks later she sent me a package in the mail of all of these beautiful scarves! I’ve been wearing them with some basic t-shirts and loving them!

I love that they can dress up any outfit! There are even a few animal print ones I’m wondering if I’ll be daring enough to wear.

Since I loved the gift so much, I thought I’d share their eBay stores with you, so you can snag some of the awesome things they’ve found! They hit up auctions and estate sales and bring home all kind of goodies. Click here and here!


Flat Stanley

Hey There!

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? He’s a character from a book series written by Jeff Brown. Stanley can mail himself on all kinds of adventures. Sometimes schools will do a Flat Stanley activity with their kids, and they all get to color their own Stanley and mail him off and see where all he goes!

My mother works with a woman who received Stanley from her niece in Circleville, West Virginia. Since her co-worker wasn’t heading anywhere exciting, my mother offered to take Stanley with us on our adventures this past weekend. I think Stanley had a pretty fun time!

We went through four states, got to hang out with Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, toured Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and saw a theatre show!

Have you ever been a part of a Flat Stanley Project? Where did you take him?

Vintage Travel Trailer Update

Hey There!

Guys, I did something a little crazy.

Remember Rosie Lee, my little vintage travel trailer? Well, we haven’t had a chance to work on her much since the last time I posted about her. There’s been so much going on that I’ll share with you soon.

So, that crazy thing I did? I booked a campsite at the beach for us and Rosie Lee!

My aunt and uncle vacation at this campsite every year, and my parents go up for a few days. They always have a great time, and this year the Fellow and I will join them. I’ve been day dreaming about the beach SO much since the weather started to change. I’m excited to have some solid plans laid for reeelaxation. I’m ready to be beach side, reading a book, and sipping a strawberry smoothie.

I think we’ve decided to mostly leave Rosie Lee as she came to us. Since she’s so original, it hurts a bit too much to renovate her into a “rustic chic glamper.” We are going to be adding a few modern conveniences though. I’ve decided to add a mini fridge to replace the ice box, an air conditioner so the Fellow doesn’t melt, and a new propane cooktop to replace the original just because the original makes me nervous.

We also have a list of other changes/fixes we need to make.

We’re going to replace the flooring with new linoleum. After much debate, I decided on a light hickory wood print. I was worried how that would look with all of the birch paneling in such a small space, but it’s what feels best to me so I’m sticking with it!

We ripped out the bench seats to rebuild them a bit sturdier, and we’re also going to shuffle the water storage container towards the front of the camper to hopefully give us a bit more storage. The table was pretty badly damaged, so we will cut a completely new one and I’m looking for a vintage map to Mod Podge to the table’s surface. I also want an awning to hang out under, and they’re pricey! I’m looking at buying waterproof canvas and sewing one myself. We purchased an awning rail, so once we decide on canvas we should be good to go.

We need to take another look at the bathroom/closet to see what is currently there vs. what we can do. I’m thinking we will most likely build some additional shelving/storage in there if possible as there isn’t a whole lot of room to put things, like our clothes, when camping.  Depending on our time constraints, that may happen after the trip.

When we get down to work on her more, I’ll take some pictures and show you guys where we are in the process, but I’m already hearing waves!

What crazy vacation plans do you all have?

Garden 2019 ~ Part 1

Hey There!

So, I got the Fellow to agree to scrapping our current blue bucket garden and build two raised beds. This will give us more planting space overall, and I like the way they look much better. We went to Lowes, twice. Once to buy lumber and again to return the pressure treated-lumber we had bought because my folks said it contained arsenic. (The guy at Lowes says it doesn’t anymore, but I’m sticking with Daddy knows best.)After our return trip, the Fellow cut all of the boards to fit the corner blocks my MIL had given us, and we were ready to get started. Now, if I was in charge of this project I probably would’ve just set the beds up, dumped dirt in them, and called it a day.However, this is not my rodeo. The Fellow wanted to edge out the garden to be better able to level the ground and also to remove the grass from the garden

soil. Since our lawn is the bane of his existence, we tried to salvage what grass we could and move it to the sparse space around our house. We figure it’s a long shot if it grows, but if it does, great! If not, it’s extra soil around the edges which will help keep the basement from flooding.Next is to start planning plants and decide if we’re going to try to start things inside or just buy seedlings. How are your garden plans going?

Chocolate Milkshakes

Hey There!

You know when there’s something you like, but you don’t get it often? Then one day you decide, “Hey, that sounds good?” and you get it. And the next thing you know you’re on a downward spiral of eating that thing all the time?

Well, ever since that delectable milkshake at Annie’s Country Creamery, I’ve been on a chocolate milkshake kick.

Little J loves Uber Eats and Door Dash, so if she’s ordering, I’ve tacked one on to her 5 Guys order a few times, but mainly I’ve been making them at home when I really need a sweet fix.

The other night though I asked the Fellow to make one for me.

Y’all. How do you not know how to make a milkshake?!

I laughed so hard.

He told me that he didn’t know what he was doing, but I just kind of dismissed it saying you put ice cream and milk in a glass and you stir it. It’s not that hard

Apparently, it can be.

I neglected to tell him how much of each item needed to go into the glass. I’m almost certain that he poured a full glass of milk, threw a scoop of ice cream into it, tried to stir it, realized it was a sloshy mess, and abandoned the entire effort until I was able to help!

Clearly, we need to have some milkshake-making classes!

What’s your favorite sweet tooth treat right now?

Garden Plans

Hey There!

Guys, we made it. It’s officially the first day of spring!

I can’t even tell you how happy I was to see that little note on today’s date when I went to mark off some squares on my calendar this morning.

After all the nice weather last week, I’ve been clinging to the promise of spring, and I just flat out refuse to bundle up in my winter coat anymore. So I’m glad to see the forecast showing temperatures slowly creeping up for the rest of the week.

We took advantage of the good weather and broke out the grill for the first time this year. Now, for us, a good steak is paired with perfectly grilled veggies and that led the conversation to how are we going to handle this year’s garden.

Last year the Fellow did our gardening in blue barrels from my brother’s farm. When we originally started kicking that idea around last spring, I said I wanted to paint them so they weren’t such a distraction. Unfortunately, we got a look at someone else’s garden using the same buckets, and the paint hadn’t held up well being outside. It was chipped and weathered very badly, so I ended up just leaving them as they were.

While they served their purpose, I never quite enjoyed the glaring blue buckets in my yard. This year we’re planning on limiting the blue buckets to possibly some potatoes, and instead we are building raised garden beds.

Right now we’re starting with one 4×8 bed and will possibly build a second one. I want the Fellow to see how much space that actually takes up in our yard and  to work on placement before we buy the lumber for the second box. I have a feeling he’s underestimating the amount of room it will take up and just how much we will end up planting. Not to mention the amount of dirt we will need to fill them!

We plan to plant a few varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, onions, lettuce and possibly start strawberries.

What are your garden plans?


Hey there!

“Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Have you heard that quote?

I always forget just how true it is.

March is almost halfway over, and soon it will be April and time again for the Ramps and Rails festival. Where did the time go?

The weather has been beautiful this week, and yesterday I spent my entire lunch hour with my shoes kicked off, lying on the patio at work, soaking in the sun and the warm breeze. I’m sure the people on the 3rd floor were laughing at me.

It seems like every year when I crawl out of my winter hole of sweaters and fuzzy socks, I resolve to do more in the coming months. Start running again, go hiking, travel. Go to more festivals, see people, do more things, but all that ever seems to actually happen is life.

Things come up, and Saturdays get filled. I think this year I’m going to try to do just one outdoor thing and count anything else as a bonus.

I’m going to try to read on my porch. Detach from my phone a bit more and just sit and enjoy new worlds while being surrounded by birds chirping and a breeze.

There are few things as peaceful that I enjoy as much.

What’s something you miss doing that you want to find more time for? Let me know!


Hey There!

My mother gave me a picture a while back to keep on my desk and help beat off the winter blues. It shows a few green tips popping up from the snow-covered ground. At the top of the page, it says, “Winter always turns to spring.”

It feels like it’s almost starting to happen. It’s still cold, but there are a few warm days thrown in among the cold. There’s almost a hint of warmth underneath the breeze, and I’m itching for back porch sitting and bbqs with friends.

What are you most looking forward to about spring? What’s the one outdoor thing you can’t wait for?


Hey There!

I’ve mentioned here before that most of my days I listen to a podcast at work. I figure, I may as well be learning something while I’m putting in my hours. Usually those podcasts are entrepreneurial in nature, discussing marketing strategies and changing social landscapes. However, sometimes I have to take a break from ingesting only marketing podcasts.

My favorite podcast to listen to during these breaks is one called Lore. It’s written by Aaron Mahnke, has a phenominal soundtrack, and it shares spooky folklore stories from around the world.

A few of those stories have centered around some of my favorite creepy places and tales in my dear West Virginia. They are done without being incredibly negative or harmful to the Mountain State, so that always makes me prone to love something.

Listening to Lore is almost the equivalent of sitting around a campfire and hearing ghost tales. It’s slightly spooky and just creepy enough to make you a tad nervous, but it is so well researched, I almost always find myself googling stories or places to learn just a bit more.

If you’re like me and love a good myth or legend with a creepy twist, you should absolutely check out Lore. It’s also an Amazon TV show and a book series. Aaron Mahnke also produces two other podcasts with a similar vibe that I haven’t gotten a chance to check out yet, but I’m excited to listen to those as well.

What’s your favorite distraction podcast? Let me know so I can check it out!