So Sleepy . . .

Hey There,

Woof. Y’all, I’m running on fumes.

I miss being able to stay up until the wee hours of the morning; then popping out of bed with maaaybe 5 hours of sleep and going on repeat.

Unfortunately, the coffee situation at work has somehow managed to get worse now that we’re in the new building.

I’ve kept myself at a 2-cup a day cap on my coffee, and they’re my favorite part of my morning, but it’s really rough if they aren’t good.

I’m thinking I may get a French press but that seems like a pain at the office, and K-Cups are expensive and bad for the environment.

What are your bad office coffee solutions? Let me know!




Hey There!

Y’all, it’s cold. It seems like all of the seasons have been so screwed up this year. It’s not looking like we’ll get much of a fall. I’ve decided that I’m not letting Mother Nature win though. I’m sticking to sweater weather and not bringing out my coat just yet. I will have fall, darn it!

As we’re heading into my least favorite time of year, I’ve prepared by stocking up on fleece-lined leggings and more fuzzy socks are in my immediate future.

I’m also taking some time away to just read and do crafts and little things that I’ve missed doing for a while now! I’m cutting myself a little slack on the housework that needs to be done and just doing things that I enjoy!

This week I’ve been working on my Halloween costume which I’ll be excited to share with you next week.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s going to be magical!

What are you planning on being for Halloween?




Another Year Older

Hey There!

Have you ever met someone and forever after whenever you think of them the image ingrained in your mind never ages? No matter how long it’s been they are forever the same as when you first met?

I’m bad for doing that. There are people in my life who I’ve known for more than a decade and even though our relationship has spanned from AOL instant messenger to Myspace, then Facebook and on, when I think of them I still imagine them so much younger than we are now.

It seems that I do this with myself as well. I felt like I’d be 17 forever; then I hung on to 19 as long as I could, and in a few days I’m getting ready to say goodbye to 25, but I think I’m going to be feeling it for a long while yet.

We spend so much time when we are growing up wishing we were adults. Now, looking around at my “adult” friends, I don’t know what type of adults I thought we’d be. No one has it together like my mother always seemed to, but if different, we’re all doing pretty well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this upcoming birthday. I wish I’d done more things in my early 20s, that I’d gone on more adventures before things were quite so serious with a full-time time career, a house, and husband when travel becomes ever so slightly more difficult. (What is it with the US and their 2 weeks of vacation time? Europe has 3 weeks y’all. Can we hop on that bandwagon?) But now I have my own cozy space to call home and someone waiting for me when I get there from my little adventures.

There are things that I still want to do and places to explore. I can’t wait to see what 26 brings!

Dream Larger Than Life

Hey There!

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? No matter what you said, it was fine.

No one ever told you you’d probably fail or it wasn’t a stable income, what the statistics were or the salary. It didn’t matter how outlandish the job was; you were convinced that is what it would be, and everyone went along with it.

When did we stop believing we could do anything? At what age? What birthday with what number of candles?

I recently did something a little crazy. I won’t say what because it doesn’t really impact this post, but what does matter is that I went back to something I love that brings me joy, and I decided I was going to take a little leap. I pushed down the voices of everyone who had ever criticized me or told me I wasn’t good enough. I banished what I knew mainstream thought processes deem good enough, and I gave myself permission to say, “What if and why not?”

I reminded myself that if I don’t try, the answer will ALWAYS be “no” instead of just maybe the possible outcome I desire. I promised myself that if it didn’t work out (which it didn’t) I wouldn’t let the outcome steal my joy or love or damage how I think of myself.

Guess what? I grew.

What if WE applied those same thoughts to large things in our lives. What could we ALL accomplish if we loved ourselves and each other and helped to lift each other and seek to support from a place of grace and love instead of to corral and pinch everyone into the same mold?

I grew the tiniest amount this week, and I want to encourage every one of you to do something outside of your comfort zone too! Do one thing this week that the voice in the back of your mind says, “Oh, better not.” And no matter the outcome, love yourself that much more for committing and trying.

We have so much potential. Let’s reach for our dreams!


Halloween Mantle

Hey There!

I’ve un-decorated for fall and finally decorated for Halloween and thought I’d share with you!

As you know, I love decorating my mantle for different seasons and holidays so I enjoyed being able to get two themes out of fall.

The pillar candles and their holders are leftover from our wedding, and I think they give just the right effect.

That big plastic skull is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I’m always tempted to keep him out and not put him away at the end of the season.

Now that we’re all decorated, I’m all ready for spooky movies and warm, spicy beverages!

What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

A Bride No More: Our One-Year Anniversary

Hey There!

Guys, can you believe it’s been a full year since Our Enchanted Wedding?

It seems hard to believe!

According to Miss Manners, in the 19th century, a woman was considered a bride for a year following her wedding during which time she was able to wear her wedding dress as an evening gown! I feel like I really missed out! I could’ve worn my dress to – so – many things.

I did actually get to wear it one more time as The Fellow and I finally got to take some “Wedding Photos” of just the two of us. I really wanted his grandmother to take them, but between the rain and our schedules we just never could seem to get together so a local friend helped us out.
Moonshine in a Teacup Wedding Photos

While I had some awesome candid shots from the wedding, we didn’t do any formal poses because it was hot and the group photos took so long, and we just wanted to join our friends and family at the reception. But it was making me just a bit sad that they’d be missing from our album. So, we got all dressed up again recently for a photo session.  They came out absolutely beautiful, and I’m incredibly glad we took them!

After a full year, I am still so incredibly grateful for all of the love, support, and help we received to help our day run so smoothly.

Between the SCA and 4-H, I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life who can accomplish absolutely anything.

So many people offered us their time, skills, and assistance to make it such such a beautiful day.

Our cake was made by a SCA Cooks Guild new friend – who’d only met me once at the time. She heard I had a need and immediately offered to fill it with the most magnificent three-tiered, tea-themed cake I could’ve asked for.

Other household members helped with the cake cutting and distribution.

We were offered the use of absolutely everything from homes and land to personal tents and belongings to fit our theme and needs, and we were met with nothing but grace as I changed and re-changed my mind on theme and location. Even my hair was done by my SCA family.

So many of our friends or friends of friends jumped in, and friends donated supplies and time, ensuring all of my daydreams and plans were brought to reality, and I was completely unaware if anything had gone wrong until we were all sharing stories around the campfire later.

The things I remember most about our wedding day (aside from being terrified I was going to put the ring on the wrong hand) was being kept calm, being cared for, and smiling so much that my face hurt.

It was a beautiful day of love and support and an absolutely awesome night at my favorite place to be – around a campfire. I was indulged and all of my favorite sad songs were sung.

I’m so glad that all of my 4-H, SCA friends, and our families surrounded us as we took our next step in our lives.

For our one-year anniversary, I’m reminded that I’m loved by a wonderful man, as he took me to a high tea! We sat and sipped and nibbled on dainty tea sandwiches (which is the best thing ever to see a man do). I’m starting a hashtag: #mendrinkingtea. Help me make it go viral!

Then on Sunday to be sure that he got to do something fun for our anniversary too, we went to Fogo De Chao with some of our wedding party.

Even Baltimore threw us a parade! (Well, maybe not, but I’m saying it was for our anniversary.)

I’m so blessed to have such amazing people in my life and to have had such an awesome year. Thank you for being a part of it!






Feelin’ Fall

Hey There!

To quote my girl Anne with an e, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

I can finally sip my pumpkin spice coffee without shame and watch Hocus Pocus on repeat! (Shush, you know you do too.)

I decorated for fall in September, and am really thinking I’m going to undecorate, decorate for Halloween, then redecorate for November . . . that’s ok, right?

Any chance I get to get myself all Spooktacular, and I’m in! I’m planning a few low-key Halloween movie nights, and I’m already working on my Halloween costumes.

We took advantage of the break in the weather last weekend for a fall favorite – a hayride. My parents hosted a family gathering and after eating out, we all piled onto haybales on the back of the trailer and took a little drive through the beautiful mountains. The leaves aren’t quite in full color yet, but it was still a wonderful time.

I just need my apple cider and to carve a pumpkin, and I’ll be fully satisfied with my fall activity checklist, and it’s not even the first full week of the month yet!

What are the things you’re most looking forward to about fall? Share them with me!

Call the Midwife!

Hey There!

First things first, I want to thank you all for hanging in with me. These last several posts haven’t been the most creative or exciting, but they have been doing what this blog originally intended, keeping track of what I’ve been up to and keeping me in touch with all of you! I love you all and appreciate your sticking with me.

All I’ve been up to has been cleaning and organizing, researching some SCA Viking stuff, and wishing it would stop raining. I’m not going to lie; the weather is really getting to me. I brought some fairy lights into work to brighten up my grey cubicle, and I need to do some research into a good SAD light. Any suggestions?

When I do have a moment (usually while I’m cooking dinner, right before bed, or while I’m doing my makeup in the morning), I like to throw on a TV show to fill the background silence. Right now I’m 3 seasons deep into Call the Midwife.

It’s a drama centered around a new midwife in the late 50s, early 60s in the East End of London, and it is absolutely phenomenal. The director has a thing about historical accuracy (even so far as no actors are allowed to have highlights!), so there are very few things that make me twitchy, and every episode is full of beautiful dresses to drool over.

Because of this show, I’ve basically decided that corporate neutrals be damned. I want to revamp my wardrobe (again) – vintage style.

I absolutely recommend that you check Call the Midwife out on Netflix, and Season8 should be out on TV soon. Just be careful; it’s a real tear jerker! I cry just about every episode.


A Taste of Ireland

Hey There!

Our friends J and L have been to Ireland a few times, and this time we watched their precious little cat while they were away.

They sweetly asked if they could bring anything back for us, and I asked for two things – Orchard Thieves cider and an authentic Irish scone recipe – and they returned with both!

I was so grateful. Though it turns out cider doesn’t travel internationally very well. The bottles had problems with the pressure, and it eeked out into their luggage! L swore it was no big deal, and the clothes were easily washable. (They had gone hiking, so I’m sure at least some of the clothes were intended for worse conditions than cider.), but I still felt so bad!

What was left of the one bottle tasted as amazing as when I had it in Ireland, and I wish they would bring it to the U.S. (Letter writing or Twitter campaign, anyone?)

I’m still working on the lemon scones I made last weekend, but I’m so excited to make the Irish scone recipe as soon as those are gone.

L and J stayed at an AirBnB, and as luck would have it, they were coming in late one night and caught the hostess making the scones for their morning breakfast. She made them a cup of tea, and they sat and ate scones and chatted (which sounds like the most delightful time), and they asked her if they could have her recipe for me, and I’m so happy that she agreed!

I am sure they are going to be delicious, and I’m so anxious to make a batch! L was told to be sure to make smaller scones as they bake better. I’ve only made a few recipes where things are done by weight instead of cups, so it will be a fun mini-Irish adventure. I’ll let you know how they come out!