Online Shopping

Hey there!


Y’all, I spend a lot of my time online daydreaming, half the time I”ll put things in my cart but just never pull the trigger.

I’m way more likely to purchase something I can touch and try on that staring at a tiny picture on my phone.  More often than not, if I do buy something and theres an issue with it…I’ll make The Fellow retunr it or I’ll just call it a loss. I hate messing with returns!

With the holiday season fully upon us I”ve been buying a lot of things online for friends and family. I’m trying to have my shopping done by Dec 1st. I want to just relax and enjoy bad Netflix Christmas movies, drink hot cocoa and enjoy the pretty lights. Since I was buying alll kinds of thing anyway I thought I’d sneak in a little treat for myself. A pair of vintage upswept glasses!

I’m OBSESSED with Ms. Turner’s glasses from Call the Midwife and wanted a pair for myself as sunglasses. My plan was to have the lenses replaced with the tinted non-prescription ones. Unfortunately, they came in SO tiny! I’m not sure if I got a tiny old lady pair or if people’s heads in the 1950s-1960s were just tiny!  I think I’m just going to consider them a loss as along with them being super tiny, what as described as a small crack on the arm is actually a large crack and I don’t think I can fix them.

This is another reason why online shopping freaks me out, I’ve got a fairly bad track record of missing important details or misunderstanding sizing an getting in a package I was so excited for only to wind up disappointed

At least this year’s oversite won’t wind up on the Christmas tree! One year at the beginning of online shopping we bought a pair of saddle shoes online for my costume for Bye Bye Birdie, we were so worried about them getting here in time for the show….when they came in, they were a size 10 all right- In girls!

We had completely missed the sizing! We laughed SO hard at the tinnnnnny box my shoes were supposed to be in.

Thankfully we were able to get the new ones in in time for the show and since there wasn’t any use for size 10 girls saddle shoes, for years they’ve gone up in the Christmas tree at my folks.

Tell e I’m not alone when it comes to online shopping catastrophes! What’s gone wrong for you?!