Hey There!

Mmmmh, y’all. Can’t you just smell Halloween in the air?

My work actually already celebrated Halloween. We always have a big shindig with costume contests, skits, and food.

If you know me in real life, you may have noticed that I twitch my nose when I’m thinking. I do this so often that at work they tease me that I look like Samantha from Bewitched.

I figured that was as good a reason for my costume to be . . . a Pin-Up Witch!

The costume was easy enough. It was all things I had in my closet at home already, but I had a ton of fun customizing the basic witch’s hat I purchased from Target.

We also attended a Halloween party this past weekend which had some funny bits I wanted to share with you.

The hosts of the party created an awesome Carn-Evil-themed escape room in their garage. If you’ve never been in an escape room (which I had not), you solve a series of puzzles until you unlock the way out of the room.

In this case, you had to solve the final lock to retrieve your admission tickets to the carnival.

They truly did a fantastic job with the room and puzzles. It took us nearly a full half hour to solve everything and open that final door.

When we did get it opened, we were in for a fright! They had set up a human-size scary clown right inside the door!

Needless to say, I may’ve jumped just a bit.

Fast forward to later that night – The Fellow and I typically sleep on a camp cot at their place when we go up for parties as it’s a bit of a drive from the house. They set the cot up in the dining area which has a straight line of sight up the hallway to the bathroom door.

In the middle of the night, I heard another party guest (who’d had a biiit much to drink) get up to use the restroom but never heard him come back. When I opened my eyes, I could see him standing in the bathroom doorway, silhouetted in the moonlight, just staring into the bathroom mirror.

Concerned, I called out, “Hey, buddy, you ok?” To my confusion, from behind me on the couch, I was answered, “Yea, all good. Just went to the bathroom.” Well, if he’s right there, then who’s standing in the bathroom doorway . . . because The Fellow was asleep beside me?!

I panicked for a minute. My heart started racing; then I figured it out. IT.WAS.THE.CLOWN. Which didn’t exactly make me feel better about the situation.

In the middle of the night, The Fellow and our friend “K” had gone out to the garage/basement area and retrieved the creepy clown and had set it up at the end of the hallway directly opposite our host’s door so when they woke up and exited their bedroom, they’d be met face-to-face with the clown just like we’d been in the escape room!

I didn’t sleep too soundly after that point.

All of our Hallowen activities this year have been awesome. What awesome Halloween-themed things have you gotten to experience this year?




Hey There!

Y’all, it’s cold. It seems like all of the seasons have been so screwed up this year. It’s not looking like we’ll get much of a fall. I’ve decided that I’m not letting Mother Nature win though. I’m sticking to sweater weather and not bringing out my coat just yet. I will have fall, darn it!

As we’re heading into my least favorite time of year, I’ve prepared by stocking up on fleece-lined leggings and more fuzzy socks are in my immediate future.

I’m also taking some time away to just read and do crafts and little things that I’ve missed doing for a while now! I’m cutting myself a little slack on the housework that needs to be done and just doing things that I enjoy!

This week I’ve been working on my Halloween costume which I’ll be excited to share with you next week.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s going to be magical!

What are you planning on being for Halloween?




Halloween: Lions and Vampires, Oh My!

First of all, I am writing this from the one piece of furniture in my newly purchased house. I am SO excited. All kinds of DIY and updates will be coming soon, I’m sure!

But for now let’s focus on this past weekend. Have I mentioned that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays? I think I may have just barely mentioned it once or twice . . . I love, love, love it!

I love DIY costumes, especially ones that allow me to bust out my special effects makeup. I try not to duplicate costumes, but I do sometimes revisit ideas.

High School and College Vampire Costumes

One of the costumes that I’ve done at least two other times in different variations is a vampire. This year I went as a half-starved vampiress looking for her blood donor.

My plan was full-piled Victorian hair, ruffled shirt, and vintage shoes. However, there was a last-second scheduling shift, and I was called into work two hours early, and I couldn’t dig out all of my costumes pieces. I ended up with my full hair and a flowery high/low dress with ruffled sweater and black boots. My boss told me I looked like one of the Vampire Diaries vampires.

The secret to my vampire look is always my Scarecrow fangs. They really kick it up a notch and are inexpensive. My set was maybe $15.00 at the local Hot Topic.

For our couples costume, (Have I mentioned that my fellow really, really loves me?) I was dead set on being a lion tamer from the circus and having him be a strong man.


I couldn’t find a red and white striped shirt in a store whatsoever. I was going to order one online, but they were at least $25.00, and we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to make it to our party anyway, so I ended up grabbing a $7.00 lion accessory kit from Wal-mart just in case.


Look. At. How. Cute. That. Tail. Is. Seriously, I could die from the cute. He actually kept it on for about an hour, which is much longer than I expected.


We had delicious food, drank out of a giant pumpkin, carved jack-o-lanterns, went to a haunted house, and sang around a campfire. Absolutely everything I always want Halloween to be!

I can’t wait to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids next year!


It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

I know it’s not October yet, but I am so ready for Halloween. I broke out my dvd stash and watched Hocus Pocus over the weekend.

I don’t know why Sarah Jessica Parker gets such a bum rap. I think she’s the cutest. Her performance as the boy-crazy Sarah Sanderson is adorable.

Funny enough, for all my love of Disney, I didn’t watch Hocus Pocus until high school. If you’ve somehow missed out on this adorable Halloween classic, you need to check it out.

Speaking of Hocus Pocus, fall is also Renn Faire time! I’m not sure if I will make it out this year (Next week is Pirate weekend, and I really want to go, but it’s not looking good.), but a year or so ago I saw these lovely Sanderson Sister cosplayers at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. (If you know who they are, please let me know – I’d love to link over to them.)


I also took advantage of the first crisp morning for an excuse to show off my shiny that just got back from being resized a mini-fall photo shoot. My fellow wasn’t around to be in the pictures that day.  I can’t wait to actually get our engagement photos taken!

Nothing like tea and a good book!