Let It Go

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You know those things that the universe tries to show you that you keep resisting? Yeah. I’m there.

I’ve been clinging to perfection, and it’s time for me to let it go.

I can’t do and be everything. It’s not healthy for me (or you) to try.

We’ve got to give ourselves grace.

I’ve been clinging to this fantasy that I can do it all – have a Pinterest perfectly decorated house, always swept, mopped, and organized. Having pre-planned perfect family dinners, exercising the right amount, and maintaining my ideal weight.

Basically, I’ve been clinging to the idea that I’ve got to be the perfect mom, wife, and business owner.

Want to guess how many of those things are actually happening in completion? You guessed it. None. Some of them aren’t even partially happening!

It’s too much to do it all.

Instead, we need to focus on doing the important things and giving ourselves grace on the things we can’t do.

I’m really leaning into this as I start an amazing new chapter my life and business, and I’m valuing my TIME more than ever.

Do I still want all those things? Sure!

BUT I’m not beating myself up over having them. I’d like to encourage you to do the same!

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