Quarantine Blues

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Hey There!

Sorry for all of the #quarantine posts, but that’s been the reality of the last month or so.

Quarantine is definitely taking its toll. Little Bit is growing, and the closest thing she’s getting to grandparent visits are Zoom calls.

It still seems crazy to me the way the world has shifted almost overnight, but it’s getting more real day by day.

About this time of the year I REALLY start looking forward to our vacations. I love and enjoy fall and all of its holidays; then we have Christmas, New Years, and even Valentine’s Day to get us through the winter, but come May my soul starts longing for saltwater and campfire smoke, and it’s looking like it may be another year before I get them.

Our yearly medieval reenactment camping trip has been canceled. Campgrounds and beaches are closed, and when things do open up again, will we even want to risk the exposure and start venturing out?

I don’t know when things will start to open back up, but our reality has likely been permanently altered. I’m sure that we will quickly adjust and find a new normal, but right now I’ve just got a case of the Quarantine Blues.

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