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Hey There!

Oof. Things are CRAZY. People are sewing masks. We haven’t been able to get toilet paper in 3 weeks (No joke. We may need to request donations if this goes on too much longer.), and I think companies with dress codes are in for a rebellion when this is all over.

I’ve really had to turn my brain off and ditch what little news I read. It’s overwhelming how upside down the world has gotten right now. I feel like Alice looking through the looking glass.

One of my long time nerdoms has been zombies. I don’t know why, but they absolutely TERRIFY me. (Okay. I do know why. They’re scary.) Back in the day, I played an online text-based game called Urban Dead, and I have had so many conversations about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. One common theme in most zombie films/stories is the sudden onset, and it always struck me what the world looked like with everything interrupted mid-life.

I wonder what future archaeologists will make of this time. Is it going to look apocalyptic, the sudden number of tins of food and masks entered into landfills at the same time? When they look at our newspapers, internet searches, purchases, and even memes what will they think of it?

Will we just forget this troubling time ever happened? Or will we talk about it forever with the Great Depression, Y2K or the 2008 Recession? I guess none of us know what events will be marked by history and what will be forgotten. All I know is that it’s a cold and rainy day, and I think I’ve been pondering life a bit too much for today. So let’s brighten it up a bit for the rest of this post! (Also, so sorry for making an apocalyptic comparison. I’m certain we’re not heading anywhere near that direction!)

  1. We’re fortunate that so far our circumstances have not changed. The Fellow is still working and gets to work from home, so Little Bit is enjoying Papa snuggles on his lunch and breaks, and none of my clients have had to cut hours.
  2. We haven’t been able to get toilet paper or yeast, but then we were gifted some sourdough starter, and I’ve apparently been hoarding yeast for a long while now (I found several envelopes in my baking cupboard), so we’ve had yummy baked goods in the house these past few weeks.
  3. I picked some beautiful wild violets to make violet jelly . . . which turned into violet Jell-o, but it’s still pretty purple, and I got to spend some relaxing time in the sunshine picking flowers so #iaintmad.
  4. I made a book. It pokes fun at today’s situation, so fair warning.

Talk to me. Tell me your happy quarantine things. What’s getting you through each day? Share in the comments!

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