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Ramp Chicken Salad

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Hey There!

Mmm, this recipe was probably my favorite one that I made this ramp season.

I love chicken salad any which way you make it, so this was a no-brainer for me. Bonus was we had some homemade bread for our sandwiches. Who cares if the restaurants are closed due to the quarantine when we’re eating like this!


1 large chicken breast
6-8 ramps
Seedless red grapes
Onion powder
Salt and pepper
2 heaping T. mayo

  1. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil.
  2. While the water is boiling, clean and prepare your ramps. (See instructions in last blog’s recipe if you’ve never prepped ramps before.)
  3. Blanch ramps for 10-15 seconds, then run under cold water.
  4. Boil chicken until cooked . (I usually let it cook for an hour, and it’s good.)
  5. Chop ramps and grapes and set aside.
  6. Transfer chicken to a metal mixing bowl and use a hand mixer to shred. (No, really. This is HANDS DOWN the easiest way to shred ANY meat.)
  7. Add all ingredients to the bowl (Salt, pepper and onion powder to taste. Sorry – y’all know how I roll.)
  8. Mix thoroughly, chill, and serve!

We ate ours topped with lettuce and tomato; you could also add toasted pecans to this or top with avocado. For a protein-heavy alternative, you could use avocado in place of the mayo.

So, have you ever cooked with ramps before? What are your favorite recipes? Let me know!

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