Plum Deluxe Tea Review: Part II

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Hey There!

Today I’m finishing up the review of Plum Deluxe that I started on Wednesday. I love trying new flavor combinations so this entire experience was AMAZING. Seriously, how lucky am I that a killer company like Plum Deluxe reached out and let me try their yummy goodies? (So lucky is the answer!)

The next cuppa that I tried out was their Delightful Morning Black Tea. The package said to “fill your morning moments with love,” and I did sipping this while snuggling Little Bit!

Black teas are my go-to when I try teas, so I was anxious to taste this one. 

This tea does taste similar to the Mindful Morning Black Tea, but with lavender instead of vanilla. It’s a robust black tea and truly delicious.

Paul Hollywood on the Great British Baking show may come down a little hard on lavender as a flavor, but I love it! That being said, I know that it can be overpowering at times. The lavender in this tea comes through as more of an afterthought. If I didn’t see it in the ingredient list, I don’t know that I’d have put my finger on the flavor. It adds just the right floral hint to the mix! 

Side note: I love that they use Oregon lavender, supporting US agriculture!

The Delightful Morning Black Tea definitely pairs well with your morning scone or breakfast. It has such a rich flavor that makes it a hearty start to your day.

Caramel Almond Black Tea

“Bold and sweet: a delicious attitude to have.”



This stuff was amazing!

The first thing you notice is the smell. It smells warm and cozy and kind of like cookies. Like you can almost imagine the gooey deliciousness and brown sugar and taste the toasted almonds . . . mmmmm.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I’m too busy sipping to type!

But seriously guys, you should all check out these amazing teas, maybe indulge in a subscription box or send a care package to someone. They’re an amazing US-based company with a phenomenal product! Check them out!

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