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Hey There!

You know how you spend hours on Pinterest scrolling past picture-perfect houses and daydreaming about all of the projects you could do to make your house look like that? (Yeah, me too. I never get around to them though.)

If I’m honest, I’ve really stopped using Pinterest anymore. I found it led me to focus more on what my life isn’t than what it is.

I’m likely never going to have a photo-worthy house with a beautiful entryway, and everything perfectly styled and neatly in its place.

The few times I’ve been on Pinterest lately have been to look at office space solutions. Cubicles seem so tiny when you’re stuck in one, but at least they had some pretty impressive storage space!

Now that I’m working at home, I’ve taken a 4-foot space between our fireplace and hutch as my “office.” I’ve tried to pare down what office supplies I have, but notebooks and binders take space, not to mention the bulky computer tower itself!

Now instead of daydreaming about perfect bench seating entryways, I’m daydreaming of an office space with walls, storage, and pretty coordinated whiteboards and supplies. My how things have shifted!

What is your guilty Pinterest daydreaming pleasure? Let me know!

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