Friends Had It Right . . .

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Hey There!

Oooh, my.

You know how you watch a TV show and laugh at how accurately they describe situations in life?

Well, up until now, I never really had that moment with Friends.

I mean, I like it, but a lot of it hasn’t held up too well over the years (like Ross and Rachel’s relationship . . .)

BUT. There is one thing that has been popping into my mind the past few weeks, as The Fellow and I have been interacting with Little Bit, that has me chuckling.

In one episode, Ross is trying to make his daughter, Emma, laugh and finds himself singing “Baby Got Back.” Rachel is, of course, horrified that he sings this to their child, but hey – it works!

Image result for friends baby got back meme

Well, somehow The Fellow and I have found ourselves singing, “Hello, I Love You” to Little Bit. She cracks the biggest smile and giggles!

Not the worst song ever, but definitely has some creep factor to it. Actually, a lot of 60s/70s songs are just creepy if you stop and listen to the lyrics, but that’s a post for a different day.

Anyone else besides Ross and me wind up singing weird songs to your kids? Tell me about it!

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