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Hey There!

If you’re a long-time reader, you may remember that last year we rented a cabin in Luray, Virginia, to ring in the New Year.

This year we did the same thing, just a week or so into January. Last year it was just us and two friends. This year there were around nine of us spread out over three cabins!

It was a great, long weekend. We spent some time relaxing with friends on the porch (because it was WAY too warm for January), played board games, and chilled in the hot tub in the evenings. I even got to re-read a favorite, old book!

The cabin is a nice choice for us because we get to unplug and relax. With no cell phone service or Internet, there is nothing from the outside world pulling our attention away.

The cabin that we booked this year had the hot tub right on the porch, that way once Little Bit went down for the night, we could relax just a few feet away using our video baby monitor to check on her. Ah, the best of both worlds!

Having Little Bit with us was actually less of a challenge than I had anticipated. The hardest thing was that I packed warm clothes for her. We anticipated it being cold, but it was balmy, and the gas fireplace had issues regulating the temperature down as low as we needed it. We wound up having to run both the fireplace AND the A.C. to get it to a comfortable temperature.

We like a January vacation because it breaks up the cold, winter weather (when we have cold, winter weather) and gives us a nice rest after the holidays to just relax before getting back into the swing of things. It also gives us something to enjoy while we wait for summer vacations.

Does anyone else take a winter vaca? Tell me why and your favorite place to go to get away in the comments below.

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