Snow and Nostalgia

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Hey There!

We finally had our first snow day of the winter. It seems like we never get to have a white Christmas anymore. It’s always January when we get a little white stuff.

I’ve been waiting for the first real snow because I was so excited to spend a day snuggled up with Little Bit enjoying some pretty snow, peace, and coziness.

Maybe it’s because warm beverages go hand in hand with snowy days, or I was thinking about future snow days with my precious girl, but I found myself reminiscing about my tea parties as a child.

Now, you all know that I’m a tea lover, but I don’t really think that I had much of a choice!

Growing up I had three sets of grandparents – my maternal grandparents, my maternal great-grandparents, and my paternal grandparents.

My paternal grandparents gifted me a beautiful child-sized porcelain tea set with red roses on it that I loved.

My great-grandparents gave me the same, but with green and white checked bows printed on it, and it lived at their house. Whenever I’d go over, Nanny would make me tea, and I would have a tea party. It was always real tea, with lots of milk and sugar, and usually cinnamon sugar toast to go with it. (It wasn’t sweet enough if you couldn’t run your finger around the bottom of the cup when you were done and scrape out a glob of milky sugar.)

My maternal grandparents didn’t keep a tea set there for me. Instead, Grammy let me use this one specific small blue and white Dutch scene teacup. I would sit at a tiny glass table in their living room and drink tea and eat buttery toast. I have that cup in my China hutch now, complete with glued handle from where I dropped it when I was little.

Even at my house, I had a tin tea set that had been my mother’s as a child that I played with.

I have so many memories tied to tea and many of them on cold snowy days in winter. I hope that Little Bit and I will have just as many amazing memories around tea and tea parties. I know that I sure plan to!

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