I Quit!

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Yesterday, my FMLA ran out.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go back to my corporate job, sit down at my desk, and resume the same tasks I’ve been doing for the last 6 years.

Yesterday, I didn’t.

Two days before Christmas, I offered my 8-5 job my two weeks notice and they said, “It’s okay. We don’t want you to stress about finding care for the new baby.” #blessthem

So, instead, I snuggled my little one. I worked on client tasks and looked for the few more clients I need to be fully booked. (More on that below.)

Yesterday, I said “yes” to focusing on jobs I’m passionate about, to connecting with clients who are impacting the world, and to spending more time with my family.

Last year, I started working on my own little business –Luna Online Services. It’s a remote business where I offer virtual support to entrepreneurs.

I handle customer service, managing an inbox, sorting and prioritizing emails, scheduling meetings, responding to customer requests or issues, help customers navigate product offerings, create response templates for reoccurring questions and write SOPs. In addition to the day-to day-business services I offer, I also can provide social media assistance in the form of creating graphics, posts, and follower/engagement support.

I’m excited and terrified, stepping out on faith, and so ready for this next season!

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