Nina Mary Jane

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Hey There!

For those of you who know me in real life, you will likely have heard this, for those of you who don’t, one of the fun facts about me is that I once raised a mountain goat – inside.

One year my brother went hunting on a friend’s farm. Up on this mountain are a bunch of mountain goats. While wandering the trails, they found a little kid which had been abandoned by its mother. My brother tucked the sad, little thing down in his coveralls to keep it warm and brought her home to my mother and me.

At the time, we were in the middle of building my parent’s house and all that there was inside was a concrete floor. Since we didn’t have any outbuildings and it was winter, we decided we would keep her inside!

We named her Nina Mary Jane, and she was the sweetest little thing. We would give her baths in the kitchen sink, and she would sit and watch TV with us all wrapped up in a towel. Kids are absolutely adorable, how they jump and play, and she was no exception. She had a little pen in the common area, but we would also let her out and she’d run along the top of the couch and jump off and just hop everywhere!

She still lives down at my folks’ house (outside), and we love her!

My mother has actually written a children’s book with Nina as the main character, and I did the illustrations.

It’s a sweet book for ages 2-5 and teaches children opposites by following Nina around the farm.

We’re hoping to have it published, so that everyone can experience the adorableness that is that fluffy little goat!

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