Strangers’ Support

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Hey There!

Since Little Bit arrived, I haven’t strayed much from the house. I’ve only gone out with her by myself maybe 3 or 4 times to someplace that wasn’t a doctor’s office. In today’s world of Instacart and Amazon Prime, I can get away with staying home mostly.

The other day though I needed to go to Staples to have some papers printed for a meeting and had to take Little Bit with me.

She hates being put in or taken out of the car seat She does okay when we have her in the car, but only if it’s running. You also only really get one stop. If you have to put her back into the car seat, she’s just going to scream.

So in an attempt to make a quick run in and out, I left her in the car seat while I went in to get my papers printed.

I was trying to type the pin into the printer, juggle my phone with the number on it, and swing her car seat so she wouldn’t start screaming. I could hear the whimpering starting, when the lady at the next printer looked over at me struggling and asked, “Would you like me to swing your baby while you do that?”

I was so grateful, and I let her. She stood right next to me and swung the carrier while I hurried up and got my papers printed. Then she handed her back to me and said, “In case you need to hear it, you’re a great mom and you’re doing everything right.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. A few other women have told me this, not because they know me or know that I’m trying so hard, but because at some point they needed to hear those words and they know how much they mean. They want to make sure that another mother struggling to be everything and do everything and make sure that everything is okay gives themselves a little grace. And I love it.

I love that people reach out to uplift and help other people. It’s a beautiful human experience, and I’m so grateful for each one of the women who have reached out to me to reassure me as a new mama that I’m doing my best and my little girl is going to be okay.

That’s what life is for. To help and comfort. They’re doing it right, and I love them for it.

One thought on “Strangers’ Support

  1. I truly think the kindness of strangers is a Gift from God. It’s my belief that Christianity plays a big role in the lives of people like that. And, I know full well you are a good Mom and doing your best 💞💞💞

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