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Fall Snow

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Hey There!

We got a little pre-winter treat of some snow flurries this week! I took Little Bit out to see her first snow. (She has this adorable, super fuzzy teddy bear coat thing that we joke she looks like an Ewok in.) She wasn’t terribly impressed by the wet, white, falling things.

I, on the other hand, was so excited!

For someone who didn’t Christmas for nearly a decade, I’ve been getting more and more into the holidays the last few years, and this year I’m SO excited for Christmas!

I want to do all of the Christmas things with Little Bit, although I know she won’t remember it.

I can’t wait to watch Christmas movies, hang her stocking, take her to see Santa, wrap her presents, and enjoy our first snowy day snuggled up.

You know how you wake up to the peaceful quiet of the world on a snow day? You pull back the curtain to see everything clean and clear.

I’m a bit like Lorelie Gilmore when it comes to snow, and I can’t wait to share those magical moments with Little Bit!

What about you? Love snow or hate it? Let me know!

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