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Hey There!

I wanted to take today’s post to showcase Burnett Restoration in Winchester, Virginia. If you remember from my last post, I received my Granny’s rocking chair for Little Bit’s nursery.

When we unloaded it, we noticed that the ends of the rockers were chipped a bit, the one arm was a bit wobbly, and some of the finish came off the arm when we went to wipe it down.

The baby was due to arrive in a week, and I reallllly wanted the chair done and in the nursery before her arrival, so I called Burnett Restoration and explained the situation.

Mr. Burnett was SO sweet and understanding.

He asked me for pictures of the chair and said that he could probably get it done before my due date and even offered to drop it off to me if I went into labor before the work could be completed!

I had The Fellow load it into LIttle J’s car that evening (We had finally gotten the car seat into my Jeep and there was NO way I was removing it.), and I took it over the next day.

The following day I got a call back from Mr. Burnett saying that the chair was done! He had worked on it first thing to make absolutely sure that I had it for Little Bit’s arrival!

You can’t even tell that the arms were refinished. The rockers look amazing, and the arm is super sturdy.

I am so incredibly impressed with the level of quality and service that I wanted to share my awesome experience with you all. If you’re in the Shenandoah Valley and need restoration work done, I highly recommend Burnett Restoration

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