Nursery Reveal

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Hey There!

Like I said in my last post, things got a little bit out of order with the early arrival of Little Bit, and I never got to share our nursery reveal with you!

You may remember that The Fellow and I were pretty adamant about limiting the amount of pink when we started discussing nursery colors, and we settled on a woodland gnome theme.

After painting the walls lavender, I found the curtains next. I loved the crisp blue and overside poppy print. I think they tone down the purple walls and are adorable and whimsical.

We were blessed that people gave us most of the things from our registry, so I have adorable gnome sheets and mushroom fan pulls and a pillow to keep the theme going. I kept the flower drape from a baby shower which my mother draped over the mirror which I think looks perfect.

I felt like I needed to make something for the nursery, so I painted a triptych for the wall. Keeping to the theme, it’s of a Mr. & Mrs. Gnome and their mushroom house. We literally got them hung on the wall the night before she arrived. The Fellow was arguing that they didn’t need to be done -that- night, and I told him that they certainly did. Turns out I was very right!

I had been looking for a good rocking chair for the nursery, and my mother and I bought one that needed refinished on our girls’ weekend in Gettysburg, but the entire time we were looking I kept comparing each rocker we tried to the comfortable old rocker at my Granny’s house.

I haven’t mentioned it here because it takes me some time to process things, and I don’t always want to share events with the Internet as they are occurring in my life; however, both of my grandparents on my father’s side passed away recently.

As you can imagine, there was a great deal of sadness and stress on top of prepping for Little Bit. We were all dealing with a lot, and none of us were really ready to tackle refinishing the Gettysburg rocking chair.

I’d pretty much abandoned any thought of having a rocking chair in the nursery when my parents brought me Granny’s rocking chair.

It’s still as comfortable as I remember and is the best spot to sit and rock Little Bit. It arrived the week before Little Bit and was exactly the final touch we needed for the nursery to be all ready for her.

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