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38 Weeks

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Hey there!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 38, so I thought I’d check in.

We’re so close to Little Bit’s arrival! The nursery is nearly complete (thanks to lots of help from The Fellow and Daddy and Mama), and I can’t wait to share how adorable it is with you next week.

I’ve finally reached the uncomfortable point in pregnancy. My feet are swollen, everything aches, the heartburn continues, and sleeping is impossible. (I’m sure that’s designed to get me used to no sleep once the baby is here!)

But that’s all ok because I signed up for this.

At this point, I’m just working around the house to get whatever little projects I can done since I know that I won’t have time after she is here.

As comfy as things are getting, I’m more than happy to wait for Little Bit to decide when she wants to arrive. Honestly, there’s a full moon shortly after our due date, and I’m not too sure that she isn’t going to hold out for that and be a little moon baby, but we’re going to have to wait and see.

I’m not certain that they haven’t started taking bets at work for when she’ll make her appearance!

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