Deep Creek Lake State Park

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Hey There!

We went on what will probably be our last little babymoon trip last weekend. We packed up our Jeep and headed to Deep Creek Lake State Park where my folks met us with Rosie Lee.

Aside from a small snafu with the reservations (which I will admit my pregnant self did not handle the most gracefully), we had a great weekend! 

My folks hung out with us for the better part of the day Saturday, and then shortly after they left, our friends met up with us at the campsite.

We had booked the last RV spot that was open over the holiday weekend and were lucky that they allow not only your camper but 2 additional tents on the pad, as long as everything is on the pad.

With Rosie Lee being as tiny as she is, it should have been no problem. Unfortunately, our friends’ tent stakes were a problem. They have a Soul Pad tent, and the stakes have to be driven completely into the ground. The dirt under the gravel was packed too hard for them to be able to get their stakes all the way in and set up their tent.

We wound up putting their mattress down in the back of my Jeep and throwing some netting up over the windows to make them a sleeping area. We’ve done it before, and it’s not too rough of a night’s sleep, especially with a good mattress, and they didn’t seem to mind too much.

The campsites at Deep Creek were arraigned wonderfully. There was a center bathhouse with a dish washing station and potable water, and then the campsites circled around that making a little pod; then down the road to another bath house with the same set up. This means that no one was more than a space or two away from a bathhouse and that was lovely! (So was being able to do our dishes easily, especially since we were in bear country and I was paranoid about there being any food stuffs left anywhere!)

We only went down to the lake for a short while with my folks on Saturday. The rest of the time I spent in camp with swollen ankles chilling under the awning with my feet up reading. The others went for a hike, and the Fellow picked up another hobby – mountain biking!

We packed in some steak, sausages, and things to make mountain pies (more on that in the next blog) and cooked our meals between the campfire and our little charcoal grill.

The weather was nice overall. Things are finally starting to cool down and feel like fall. Daddy re-sealed Rosie’s roof before he brought her up, and I’m glad he did! We had rain overnight 2 nights and in the morning one day. It rained so much the night before we left that the ground softened to the point that our awning spike came loose and the awning fell soaking our chairs and everything outside. Luckily it all dried relatively quickly and didn’t make too much of a muddy mess for pack out. But we definitely learned our lesson about where to put our spikes!

The general group vote was that we will certainly be heading back to Deep Creek at some point, if not for the trails, to actually spend some time at the lake! Next time we may even look into boat rentals.

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