Pregnancy Reflections

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Hey There!

Whew! We’re about a month out from meeting Little Bit, and I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on this pregnancy.

There are so many Pinterest pins and blog posts about pregnancy, and so many of them are written as the end-all-be all advice or reality. I went into this journey with the mindset that what was going to be would be, and as we’re getting closer to the big day, I’m surprised to say that it’s worked out pretty well for me. I’m really not even too terribly anxious about the actual delivery portion of this experience. I’m sure it won’t be fun, but stressing about it is only going to make it harder.

I will say that the biggest source of anxiety (as I knew it would be) is still trying to get the house ready for baby. But that’s been a source of stress for me for so long now I don’t think I can even really blame it on the baby. (It’s getting a lot better though!)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been very fortunate as I’ve had a very easy pregnancy. I have experienced no real morning sickness outside of a little nausea which I kept at bay with plenty of carbs and some SERIOUS heartburn. Really though, if this baby isn’t born with a full head of hair like The Fellow’s niece. I’ll be SO surprised!

There were some things that the all stories and blogs were right on though, and I’ve learned a few things for if we decide to have more children, and so I thought I’d leave a little list here of things I’ve learned so far in this pregnancy:

1. They weren’t kidding about overheating. I’m usually always cold. They make fun of me at the office for wearing a blanket, clutching my coffee, and sometimes even wearing USB heated gloves!  But, with Little Bit, I’m chilling around the house in shorts, and I have to have a USB desk fan on my desk in order to drink my coffee!

2. I bought probably 6-8 maternity tops, a few dresses, 3 pairs of maternity jeans, and 2 pairs of maternity shorts which have largely been the staples of my wardrobe. I wish I would’ve bought less maternity tops. The ones with the side ruching are super cute, but they are really only now becoming “necessary.” I’d probably have been better off and felt less awkward buying several cute flowy tops or tunics. I’m still wearing several of my non-maternity pieces because they were loose to begin with. I felt silly wearing the maternity tops too early, and they can be PRICEY! (Seriously. Motherhood Maternity, I don’t know what you’re doing with your $60 tops you only wear for 6 months . . .) I will recommend Zulily for buying maternity clothes though; I don’t think I paid more than $12 for any of my tops!  

3. I also wasn’t prepared to dislike the full-panel maternity jeans. I bought one pair and rarely wear them. Instead, I love the side-panel option. I have 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts like that and although they were difficult to find, they’re the ones I like. They feel more like regular jeans, just with a bit of belly stretch.

4. Leggings are life. I’ve been living in leggings as lounge wear for a while now, but I never really hopped onto the LuLaRoe bandwagon. The two pairs that I had were given to me, and I didn’t see the point in paying $25 for a pair of leggings when you can find knock-off ones for half the price. Plus I’m super picky about the patterns. However, once the belly really began to pop, I broke down and bought a few pairs of LuLaRoe leggings. Unlike the knock-off ones I’ve been wearing for the last year or so, true LuLaRoe don’t have a real waistband. It’s more like a waist panel. And it fits so nice over my belly. I’ve been scouring FB marketplace for deals and have even found some plain black ones, and they’re basically all I wear now. As soon as I get home from work, on they go.

5. You can live without caffeine. You’re allowed one cup of coffee a day, but I’ve only had caffeine beverages maybe 5 times since January. It was rough at first, but I think it was time for a detox.

6. Feeling Little Bit wiggle and kick is simultaneously the most bizarre and natural feeling.  The first time was so weird, but it will be strange not to experience that anymore when she arrives.

7. The exhaustion is real. 8 hours of sleep is non-negotiable. There is no getting up normal time if I get to bed late; I just won’t shower.

8. I don’t feel like I’ve had “cravings.” When I think about cravings, I just remember the scene from Lady and the Trap when Jim Dear is heading out into the snow storm and stops to ask, “And you sure that you want watermelon?” That being said, chicken tenders, fries and chocolate ice cream have been all I’ve really felt like eating – no weird combinations or urges that I have to have right now, just some good old comfort food that I don’t have to cook myself. I’ve only had a few weird food sensitivities. Broccoli being one, but other than that no smells or foods have set me off, so that’s been a blessing!

More pregnancy reflections coming in my next post.

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