Gettysburg, PA: The Pub & Restaurant

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Hey There!

In my last post, I shared with you that Mama took me on a gals’ weekend, and we stayed at an adorable, relaxing inn. I thought I’d take the next few posts to highlight some of the other awesome places (mainly involving food) that we enjoyed on our trip.

We arrived at the inn on Friday afternoon, and after surviving Mama’s driving, I plopped down on the king-sized bed, and we both wound up taking a bit of a nap. When we woke up, we decided not to venture out and start shopping but  rather to hang out in the suite for a bit before heading back into Gettysburg for dinner.

Fair warning, y’all, on-street parking is a MESS in Gettysburg on a busy summer weekend.

We quickly learned that lesson ourselves after we circled the square for the second time and saw only 20-minute express parking spots available. On occasion, there was a spot to parallel park, but with as much traffic flowing through and the size of Mama’s giant truck, we decided it was too fraught with danger to attempt. After making another pass, we pulled into the 20-minute parking spot, and I went and asked a waiter where we should park. He directed us back to the same street (again), only this time to hit the first right to the parking garage that we’d obliviously driven past multiple times which was our first mistake. (It’s an alley with a parking sign on the side of the building, so keep your eyes peeled.)

Parking garages always make me a little bit nervous, but Mama had never driven in one before, and her truck seemed even larger than usual trying to go under that clearance bar and start making the turns up to the open spaces. Those parking spaces also aren’t made for pickup trucks; they’re made for little cars. We just barely fit into the spot. (And getting out was a whole other adventure!)

Once we were parked, we walked back to the Pub, and I realized my second mistake – when I went in to ask about parking, I should’ve put my name on the wait list for seating. It was packed. But that’s a sure way of telling if someplace is good to eat.

When I think of a pub, I think of deep wood tones, maybe some stone, and pint glasses. So I wasn’t really prepared for the décor when we walked inside. The entire place had an Art Nouveau feel to it. It was beautiful. Their menus had floral scroll work with little fairies on them, and the stained glass along the top of the windows had more of the same. The light fixtures were hanging sconces with beautiful details. While not what I was expecting, it was completely appreciated. Honestly, I’d love to see them do some type of themed event with everyone in fancy evening dresses sipping champagne. It bet it would be so beautiful!

Thankfully, since it was just the two of us dining, it didn’t take too long to get us seated and perusing a menu.

The food was amazing! And there was such a selection. They had pasta and sandwiches and a pretty intense offering of burgers.

After much debate, I decided to try a Hawaiian Melt – ham, pineapple, and cheese on a toasted pretzel bun. I actually paused mid-meal to request a little bowl of marinara sauce which was just the perfect touch. It essentially turned it into a Hawaiian pizza melt, and it was amaaaaazing. The French fries were yummy too. Mama got a patty melt on rye, and she said that it was tasty as well.

This blog makes me feel way less guilty about photographing my food!

Unfortunately for us, we were too full to order dessert, but there was a table of ladies behind us who did order dessert, and we got a glimpse of it. They had ordered a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake. It. Looked. Divine. It was also huge. It could’ve been a fifth of the cake. It had to have been at least 8 inches tall, three layers of cake and frosting, a thick layer of peanut butter on the outside, and a few Reese’s cups on top. It took all four of them to finish it!

Y’all, if there had been any room left in my stomach at all, I’d of tried it.

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