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Nursery Update

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Hey There!

Whew, my fun little pregnancy app tells me there are 73 days to go until Little Bit’s estimated arrival. Maybe I’m nesting, maybe I’m just in a bit of a panic, but this past week getting some progress made on the nursery was all I could think about.

Ever since we confirmed we were expecting, I’ve been planning a woodland/gnome/fairyland-themed nursery. After our wedding, with all of the hours spent hot gluing bags upon bags of moss, you’d think I’d be done with that theme, but apparently not!

The Fellow and I aren’t terribly fond of the color pink, but we never re-painted that room from when we moved in, and I really didn’t want to leave it white, so we decided a very pale lavender would go well with our other pastel wall colors and not be too overly girly.

We have used Behr paint in the rest of the house, and it’s held up well so far. I figured we shouldn’t mess with a good thing when it comes to a kid’s room which will probably need durability over the years.

Picking the color was quite comical as The Fellow kept thinking that the purples were too pink and wanted a more blue-based lavender. I had to actually go over to the pink swatches and bring one over so he could compare. Finally, we settled on a color that was the middle color on the 3-tiered paint swatch.

I remember being in the store and saying that I was concerned the middle shade would be too dark for the tiny bedroom and talking myself out of the feeling.

I was wrong.

Because he’s sweet and paranoid, The Fellow wouldn’t let me paint, so a friend came over to help him. They’d just started when I popped my head in to check the color and panicked. It was too dark.

Thankfully, they were both very patient and insisted we go back and pick the right color.

We settled on the top shade from the same card – White Lavender.

It’s perfect. We’re leaving the trim white (if I have time I’ll refresh that paint).

We found two antique cherry dressers for her room which I’m excited about, and I ordered a cherry crib (which doesn’t completely match the dressers, but I’m trying to not think about it).

From there, it’s just a matter of getting curtains, a rug, and a crib bedding set and working on a few decorations I want to make to finish it off. I’ll make a new post with the full reveal when we’re all finished!

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