Historic Bedford Village

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Since we were camping at Friendship Village Campground for 3 days, we decided to take a little day trip to nearby Historic Bedford Village which I hadn’t been to since I was a kid.

It was only 3 miles from the campground and was a nice way to spend a few hours. Bedford Village is unique because it consists of several historic homesteads and buildings from the surrounding areas that were moved onto the village site. It allows you to experience both real farmsteads and a town from the 1700s in one location since they would’ve been much more spread out in that period.

It just so happened to be Cowboy weekend when we were there, so we witnessed a stage coach robbery in addition to all of the general historic information.

Bedford Village is a walk at your own pace type of experience. You can just wander from building to building at your leisure. They have employees and volunteers stationed in many of the shops to give you demonstrations, discuss artifacts or histories, and  answer any questions.

Our favorite stops were the blacksmith’s shop which is run by their onsite manager. We sat and chatted for a while with him as I have a particular interest in blacksmithing. We also enjoyed the candle maker’s Tallow Shop.  

In the local Bedford area, there is a historic tavern that serves some delicious food, a tea house I’m sad I didn’t get to experience, and a few antique and flea markets to explore. We had a great weekend and would absolutely recommend Bedford for a weekend getaway!

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