Vintage Travel Trailer: Friendship Village Campground

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Hey There!

On our second trip out in our little camper we didn’t have my father’s big truck to pull it; we only had my Jeep.

Y’all, everything says I should be able to pull that camper with my Jeep without any trouble, but let me tell you she was struggling.

For this trip, we went with friends to Friendship Village Campground in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

The  facilities at this campground were a bit more dated than Pirateland, but it was still neat and clean which is really my biggest concern (especially considering we have to rely on the bathrooms/showers as Rosie Lee has neither).

It’s funny, but from my camping experiences back in high school I don’t remember the campsites being as close together as they were at the beach or in Bedford, but apparently it’s par for the course. Some of our friends commented that they loved how much space they had between them and their neighbors at Bedford. Either way with our tiny our camper ANY location seems spacious.

Having the air conditioner was a neccessity at the beach, but up in the mountains in Bedford we didn’t even hook it up. Instead, we opened the windows and put two small fans in the camper, and we were cozy.

I know that I fought The Fellow on the mini fridge idea, but now that we have it I’m grateful we do. It’s nice to keep drinks and food cold. We took steaks and sandwich fixings for the weekend and had just enough room. However, if we were going camping for an extended period of time a good cooler would be a must.

The weekend that we stayed at Bedford was their Chocolate Lovers weekend, so they had a bunch of activities planned. These included chocolate BINGO, chocolate popcorn, and a chocolate hunt (think like an Easter egg hunt).  Friendship Village is a Christian campground so on Saturday night they had a hymn sing which was sweet.

In addition to the specialty activities going on that weekend, there were the usual amenities: WiFi, the lake (which apparently you can walk around but since I’m starting to waddle more than walk at this point in the pregnancy I skipped that adventure), a few pools, and two camp stores.

The camp stores weren’t terribly extensive, BUT they did have s’mores fixin’s and hand-dipped Hershey’s ice-cream which we enjoyed while playing mini golf.

Y’all, that mini golf course was BRUTAL. Seriously. It took us forever to get through it!

Overall, it was a nice campground, and we were pleased with our stay!

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