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Okay, y’all. I know that cleansing face oil sounds like an oxymoron. We all know that oil does nothing to help the whole acne situation, but I found one that changed my mind!

First of all, I was skeptical. Typically these things are too good to be true, but I figured I’d give it a shot since I stopped wearing makeup when I found out we were expecting.

I get some serious stress acne around my scalp line, and my chin has been a problem area forever. Seriously, I thought acne was supposed to stop when you got past the teenage years, but apparently that’s a lie. Also, no one tells you pregnancy acne is a thing.

On top of my acne issues, I also get dry skin on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. Basically, every makeup free time in my adult life has been as a result of the under eye dryness. It flakes and I call it zombie eye, so I’m all about anything to get rid of that issue.

This oil has been a miracle for both problems.

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It’s the cleansing oil from Primally Pure, and I got the normal skin formula. They also have a dry and oily formula.

The best part for me (outside of the fact that my face is now clearer than it has been since before I hit 16) is that it’s organic, natural, and comes in a glass bottle so it can be recycled. Well, it could if my town hadn’t stopped doing glass recycling . . . which is seriously upsetting.

I’ve also used their lip balms and natural deodorant and love those as well. Seriously, the lip balm is the best stuff ever.

I will say though that while the label is easy to read (which is amazing), you’ve got to be kind of prepared to actually KNOW what you’re putting on your body. We’re so used to ingredient lists a mile long with unpronounceable items that it can be a shock to just read “tallow from organic grass-fed cows” and register what that actually means. There’s that or worse in regular drugstore products, but you can turn a blind eye when it’s not laid out so frankly.

I’ve been using these products for months now, and I’m really pleased with them. The cleansing oil routine can seem like a bit much You rub it in and then cover your face with a warm wash cloth and then wipe it off, but it feels amaaaazing.

If you’re looking for a new face routine or are struggling with acne, I completely recommend checking out Primally Pure!

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