Lord of The Rings

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Hey There!

The Fellow and I have started reading together in the evenings. (Well, I read aloud to him.)

For years, ever so often he would ask me questions about the history of the Dwarves in Lord of the Rings. It’s been so long since I’ve read them myself, and I knew he’d never make it through them, so we decided just to read them together.

It’s quickly become the highlight of our evening. We’re both much more engaged than if we just #netflixandchill’d. It’s great together time, and the perfect transition to bedtime for me since we snuggle up in bed to read.

I’m enjoying sharing it with him because I’ve been a long-time fan, and it’s fun to watch him discover things cut from the movies and talk about how we envision parts and characters. (Although we are decidedly in disagreement on our feelings about Tom Bombadil. I love him, and The Fellow doesn’t think he quite fits in Middle Earth.)

We probably should’ve started with the Simirillian, so I think we’ll do that after we finish the trilogy.

The only downside to reading aloud is the pacing. I’m used to clipping through a book in a day or two when reading to myself. I’ve been joking that this will be the first book Little Bit ever hears because there is absolutely no way we’ll be done by the time he/she makes his/her appearance!

That’s ok though. You’re never too young to be exposed to good literature!

Anyone else out there read with their spouses? What should we put on our book list?

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