Shrimp Tacos!

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Hey There!

Y’all, I’m not really a taco person.

I’ve never been on the whole Taco Tuesday train, but after hanging out with The Fellow for so long, I do appreciate some Chipotle, but it’s never my first thought for a meal.

At Book Club a few weeks back, the wonderful hostess served mini shrimp tacos. They. Were. Amazing.

She took individual scoop tortilla chips and filled them with avocado, some pineapple salsa, and topped them with a shrimp.

I wasn’t prepared to love them so much!

A week or two later, our lovely friends J and L had us over for dinner, and they made the full-size version and they were just as yummy.

L served hers with a light cilantro-lime flavored rice, and she chopped up some extra pineapple, so I went pretty pineapple heavy which made them so delicious! (Really, I can’t stop thinking about them!)

Shrimp tacos make such a great summer food, and with how quick they are to make, I’m definitely going to be eating them a lot! You should try them out!

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