Vintage Travel Trailer Remodel: Part 4

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Hey There!

Guys. We. Are. So. Close.

To our first camper trip that is. We’ve been working on Rosie at least one day every weekend, and at this point at least the inside should be done in time.

We made a few changes to our plans from the last time I posted.

We did not remove the cabinets, but kept them and Daddy altered the old ice box section into a cabinet with shelves. The old heater sections became an open storage area under the sink where we can keep a water jug if we don’t have water hookups. That will pretty much finish up the kitchen area except for cutting 2 doors for the new cabinets/storage areas. I got some pretty shelf liners that prettify it up!

We kept the original sink and repainted it. We’re keeping the original faucet as well, but I replaced the hand pump. I bought a new propane cooktop, and my father sourced a new countertop for us and roughed them in. He’s also going to handle all of the water and propane lines and the electric for the mini-fridge.

To my great relief, we were finally able to get the new flooring laid and the boxes constructed. All that’s left on those is to nail down molding along the perimeter of the camper, screw the seat boxes down, and paint the lids.

That just leaves me some interior decorative things to work on until we can get down again: the curtains for the windows, a spice rack box, and the awning.

I’m pretty bummed that it’s not looking like we’ll get the exterior painted but at least we’ll be comfy if not pretty!

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