Vintage Travel Trailer Remodel: Part 3

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Hey There!

Progress on Rosie Lee is slow going, but we’ve made some gains.

We’ve gotten everything pulled out of the camper and ripped the seat boxes out completely. Next we’re ripping out the cabinets in the front, getting them ready for new ones.

Now that we’ve gotten everything taken out, we’re ready to lay the new flooring; then we can rebuild the boxes and sink cabinets. I’m hoping that the reconstruction goes a bit quicker than I’m thinking it will.

Since we can only work on the camper on the weekends, I’ve been Pinterest and vintage camper FB group scrolling non-stop. I’ve also been collecting bits and pieces for her.

I have a mini obsession this summer, and I’m indulging it fully with my camper purchases – pink flamingos! So far, I’ve got a plate/utensil caddy, some pretty awesome solar lights, a doormat, and a table cloth.

Our deadline is FAST approaching, so I’m not sure if the awning or outside painting will happen, but I think we’ll be able to at least get the interior done in time.

I will keep you posted!

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