A Little Announcement

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Hey There!

We have a little announcement, and I want to be respectful of where you are in your life and journey, so please be aware of this, as some future posts may be a trigger for those with fertility struggles.

Please, please, do what you need to be healthy and feel free to navigate away and join us later, or even unsubscribe if you need to. I still love you and wish you all the best.

With that said, we’re expecting a baby!

I spend a lot of time pondering, thinking and reflecting, and I’ve already started talking (thinking) to the baby, and I keep calling him/her “Little Bit.” So I guess I’ll stick with that nickname here.

At the moment, I don’t know how much of an online presence Little Bit will have, internet safety and all. But I’m sure that he/she will be mentioned – a lot.

We are ecstatic about our family growing, and it’s been so incredibly hard to keep the news quiet. I  need to talk things out to plan and process. But now we can let you know and share our excitement with you!

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