Vintage Travel Trailer Remodel: Part 2

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Hey There!

Guys, I did something a little crazy.

Remember Rosie Lee, my little vintage travel trailer? Well, we haven’t had a chance to work on her much since the last time I posted about her. There’s been so much going on that I’ll share with you soon.

So, that crazy thing I did? I booked a campsite at the beach for us and Rosie Lee!

My aunt and uncle vacation at this campsite every year, and my parents go up for a few days. They always have a great time, and this year the Fellow and I will join them. I’ve been day dreaming about the beach SO much since the weather started to change. I’m excited to have some solid plans laid for reeelaxation. I’m ready to be beach side, reading a book, and sipping a strawberry smoothie.

I think we’ve decided to mostly leave Rosie Lee as she came to us. Since she’s so original, it hurts a bit too much to renovate her into a “rustic chic glamper.” We are going to be adding a few modern conveniences though. I’ve decided to add a mini fridge to replace the ice box, an air conditioner so the Fellow doesn’t melt, and a new propane cooktop to replace the original just because the original makes me nervous.

We also have a list of other changes/fixes we need to make.

We’re going to replace the flooring with new linoleum. After much debate, I decided on a light hickory wood print. I was worried how that would look with all of the birch paneling in such a small space, but it’s what feels best to me so I’m sticking with it!

We ripped out the bench seats to rebuild them a bit sturdier, and we’re also going to shuffle the water storage container towards the front of the camper to hopefully give us a bit more storage. The table was pretty badly damaged, so we will cut a completely new one and I’m looking for a vintage map to Mod Podge to the table’s surface. I also want an awning to hang out under, and they’re pricey! I’m looking at buying waterproof canvas and sewing one myself. We purchased an awning rail, so once we decide on canvas we should be good to go.

We need to take another look at the bathroom/closet to see what is currently there vs. what we can do. I’m thinking we will most likely build some additional shelving/storage in there if possible as there isn’t a whole lot of room to put things, like our clothes, when camping.  Depending on our time constraints, that may happen after the trip.

When we get down to work on her more, I’ll take some pictures and show you guys where we are in the process, but I’m already hearing waves!

What crazy vacation plans do you all have?

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