Garden 2019 ~ Part 1

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Hey There!

So, I got the Fellow to agree to scrapping our current blue bucket garden and build two raised beds. This will give us more planting space overall, and I like the way they look much better. We went to Lowes, twice. Once to buy lumber and again to return the pressure treated-lumber we had bought because my folks said it contained arsenic. (The guy at Lowes says it doesn’t anymore, but I’m sticking with Daddy knows best.)After our return trip, the Fellow cut all of the boards to fit the corner blocks my MIL had given us, and we were ready to get started. Now, if I was in charge of this project I probably would’ve just set the beds up, dumped dirt in them, and called it a day.However, this is not my rodeo. The Fellow wanted to edge out the garden to be better able to level the ground and also to remove the grass from the garden

soil. Since our lawn is the bane of his existence, we tried to salvage what grass we could and move it to the sparse space around our house. We figure it’s a long shot if it grows, but if it does, great! If not, it’s extra soil around the edges which will help keep the basement from flooding.Next is to start planning plants and decide if we’re going to try to start things inside or just buy seedlings. How are your garden plans going?

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