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I’ve mentioned here before that most of my days I listen to a podcast at work. I figure, I may as well be learning something while I’m putting in my hours. Usually those podcasts are entrepreneurial in nature, discussing marketing strategies and changing social landscapes. However, sometimes I have to take a break from ingesting only marketing podcasts.

My favorite podcast to listen to during these breaks is one called Lore. It’s written by Aaron Mahnke, has a phenominal soundtrack, and it shares spooky folklore stories from around the world.

A few of those stories have centered around some of my favorite creepy places and tales in my dear West Virginia. They are done without being incredibly negative or harmful to the Mountain State, so that always makes me prone to love something.

Listening to Lore is almost the equivalent of sitting around a campfire and hearing ghost tales. It’s slightly spooky and just creepy enough to make you a tad nervous, but it is so well researched, I almost always find myself googling stories or places to learn just a bit more.

If you’re like me and love a good myth or legend with a creepy twist, you should absolutely check out Lore. It’s also an Amazon TV show and a book series. Aaron Mahnke also produces two other podcasts with a similar vibe that I haven’t gotten a chance to check out yet, but I’m excited to listen to those as well.

What’s your favorite distraction podcast? Let me know so I can check it out!

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