Dream Weaver

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Do you ever have a dream so realistic it sticks with you after you wake up? Like somehow bits of it clung to you as you made your way back to reality and haven’t quite faded away yet – just lingering around you making you question if you’re really awake?

I get dreams like that from time to time, and it always throws me off.

Dream worlds can be absolutely amazing or terrifying. When I have a hyper-realistic dream, it tends to be more of a nightmare. They are never the wake-up screaming type, but definitely the wake up with a cold sweat and adrenaline rushing type.

Now, this doesn’t happen often (anymore), but when I was in high school I would often have dreams that were so detailed and frightening that if I could’ve plugged a USB cord into my brain and downloaded them they could’ve been sent straight to the big screen as a horror film.

Often the subject of my dreams would be friends or family and some strangers cast into some type of life-threatening situation from which I had to save them, andway too many times that danger was Zombies. I would constantly find myself walking into the path of danger to help someone else avoid it, and if I died (which I know you’re not supposed to be able to do in dreams, but, hey, my mind is weird), I’d pop back up in a new location and continue on.

I have spent a lot of time reading into interpretations of dreams, and it’s interesting how many people have the same dreams or who have similar dreams. Enough that folklore has assigned meanings to situations and figures that occur in our dreams in order to help us make sense of what our sleeping brains may be trying to tell our waking selves.

Thankfully, those scary dreams have become less of a nightly occurrence for me now and are more or less limited to stressful periods in my life, weird food combinations, or a full moon, but every now and again I still get a real doozy of a dream.

What type of dreams do you often have? Do you dream in color or black and white? Are you yourself when you dream or someone else? Share your dream world with me in the comments!

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