Umbrella Academy

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Hey There!

Considering how far behind the Fellow and I are on all of the superhero movies out there, you’d never guess that we actually enjoy a good comic book movie.

We hadn’t been watching many things together lately. It’s hard to find something that we both want to watch. I’m not a fan of straight out space movies, and he doesn’t like British dramas or crime shows. But we do have good luck on most Netflix Originals.

That is why I was SO excited to see The Umbrella Academy pop up on the “Recommended for You” tab.

The Umbrella Academy follows the stories of 7 children who are adopted by an eccentric billionaire and raised in his private academy where he trains them in their “powers.” Now that they are adults they have to overcome things from their childhoods, stop the oncoming apocalypse, and save the world.

I love the diversity of the characters, and the actors really do an amazing job (especially Klaus). I will say it’s a tiny bit predictable, but as with most superhero stories, you don’t really need to be surprised by the identity of the villains. You just have to know that the hero will defeat them.

One fun thing to watch out for is the show’s logo during the opening scenes. Maybe I have a soft spot for umbrella imagery after Gilmore Girls, but I LOVE the little surprise each episode. I won’t say more. You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

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