Poorly Prepared

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Hey There!

Ooh, my, y’all. I try. I really try to keep it all together. I make lists on lists. I keep a blanket in my car and always have a toothbrush stashed “just in case,” and then sometimes I miss the mark entirely. Best of intentions, right?

As you know, each month we get together with our camping friends and have a potluck. We usually go out and sit around a campfire, hang out, sing, and generally have a good time.

Well, a year or so ago, the host got a propane fire pit, and we’ve been using it pretty heavily when the weather is icky.

Considering it had been snowing and raining and gross for weeks, I just figured that the back field would  be mush, the wood would be wet, and we’d stick to the fire pit when we met this month.

I was wrong.

So there I am in my little cloth flats, the Fellow in his crocs, all our friends outside and us stuck inside.

I decided that I wasn’t missing out on the fun, so we tied some Walmart bags over our shoes and off we shuffled!

They really did a good job of keeping us warm, but they were slick! I was a bit concerned I was going to fall one or twice.

What’s that saying? “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

What are your poorly prepared for the weather stories? Let me know!

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