My Grandmother, the Prankster

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Hey There!

Oh, friends. When will I ever learn?

As you know, the Fellow and I are working to get the house finished and organized. I’m also trying to get some routines established and incorporate some time-savers into my schedule to make the work week go a bit smoother.

Well, I heard the price of stamps was going up. I decided I would purchase two books of stamps before the price increase, so that I had them on hand especially since I never like to run to the post office and can never find a stamp when I need one.

The next day I’m in Costco, and I see a sign on the aisle that said they sold stamps. Perfect! That saved me a trip across town. I asked the cashier for two books, swiped my card, and headed out to the car.

When I got home, I looked at the receipt. The store was so loud on a Saturday afternoon that I guess I didn’t hear the total and was too preoccupied with getting the giant cart out of the way that I didn’t take notice to the screen. Come to find out, Costco doesn’t sell books of stamps. It sells packages of stamps – 100 to a package!

I had bought 200 stamps.

Of course, the Fellow teased me about it, and I had to tell on myself to my mother. She got a good chuckle and sweetly offered to buy half of the stamps.

Fast forward a few days, and this text message hits my phone:

Oh. My. Gosh. Now being a child of the days of chain mail and spam messages, I knew better than to believe it. The main give away was that the phone number was a PA area code. I did start to respond back with “Nice try, but this is not a DC number.” However, I decided it’s usually best not to engage with a spammer.

Despite not responding to the messenger, I couldn’t resist screenshotting it and sending it to my mother who was in a car with my father, aunt, and uncle on their way to the Groundhog’s Day festivities in Punxsutawney (that’s another story) and asked that she visit me in jail.

Apparently her reaction had them laughing for miles. (She gets a bit excited at things.) Despite my reassurances that it was just an incredibly coincidental hoax message, she was still a bit concerned she’d gotten me into trouble with the Feds.

I didn’t really give it much more thought until my grandmother called me and mentioned it. My mother and she talk every day so she had filled her in. She asked me if I thought it was funny, and I said that it was uncanny how well-timed the message was. Well, as it turns out, it was so well-timed because my grandmother was the prankster!

She thought up the prank and had her landlord send me the text from his PA number, so I wouldn’t recognize it!

Grammy said that she wished she could’ve timed it closer to April Fool’s Day, but she couldn’t keep it going that long.

What do you think about Gram’s trickery? Has anyone played an awesome prank on you? Let me know in the comments below!

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