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Hey There!

Oh, friends. As I write this, I am standing in my kitchen with two pots boiling behind me, sauce dripped across my sweater, a burn on my arm, and guests arriving for dinner in 10 minutes.

I know I should know this by now, but sometimes . . . Pinterest is. a. LIE.

It’s hard to entertain on the weekend. Sometimes we have so many plans, so some friends and I tend to gather on weekdays. This time it was my turn to host, so I turned to Pinterest – a quick and easy 3-cheese sausage toratlini in the crock pot. How perfect!

Except . . . 6 hours on low, and my sauce was still uncombined ingredients. No worries. I’ll transfer it to a pot and turn it to high and let it cook down. I reached over the crockpot to grab a ladle and burned my arm on its edge.

That’s OK. I can still make this work. I think I’ll put it into a pot and stir. Only the more I stirred, the more I realized my cream cheese was NOT incorporating (or cooperating)!

Frantic with only 40 minutes until my guests arrival, I thought, “I know! I’ll use the giant food processor that the Fellow insisted we needed!”

I tried to pour the sauce into the processor only to realize that it all wouldn’t fit. No worries – two batches! I went to dump the one batch into a holding pot, and the entire processor fell apart into the pot!

After fishing the pieces out of my sauce, I got it back into its pot and the dishes done.

However, the sauce still just wasn’t thickening! I tried adding cheese – no luck. A quick Google search told me to add cornstarch and that started to do the trick.

10 minutes till 7. I was going to make it!

Little J stirred the sauce, while I finished up last details, like the garlic bread. I opened the oven and stopped. I’d completely forgotten to make the asparagus!

What. A. Mess.

A comedy of errors in my kitchen.

At the end of it all, I’m sure we’ll have had a wonderful evening, but it did remind me of some sage advice I’d been given in the past: When you have company, make a comfortable favorite recipe you’re familiar with!

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