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Ladies Only

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Hey There!

Today’s post is going to be a little personal.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to go ahead and label it “Ladies Only.”

I’d like to talk you about that *ahem* time of the month that most guys (or family members and probably definitely male family members) probably don’t want to hear about!

Ok?  Head on out, fellows, and I’ll see you next week!
(Or hey, hang out if you’re comfy. You go, dude!)

Now, ladies (and brave men), maybe you were taught that some things were delicate and not to be discussed. Am I right? I know that I certainly was! ( I can just imagine my mother blushing as I’m typing!)

However, things are pretty open between my friends, and women are having some awesomely open conversations over the Internet as well. So after having several conversations around one topic, I can’t help but want to share something on a sensitive subject: periods.

There, I said it.

Way back when I was first learning to navigate this time of the month, there were really only two mainstream options presented – tampons or pads. Being into sports, active, and loving to swim, tampons were the natural choice. However, now that I’m older I’ve switched to two things that have absolutely changed my life – the Divacup and reusable panty liners.

Now when I  heard the first conversations about menstrual cups, I was not on board. It sounded gross, messy, and difficult to manage.

But after reading some articles and threads about the subject, I decided to give it a try.

What an AMAZING change!

I have had practically 0 cramps since switching, which makes no sense  to me, but is an awesome side effect a lot of women report. Even if that wasn’t a factor, it’s just been so much easier to deal with since making the switch! No more rushing out to the store, trying to do period math for how many tampons to take on a trip, or trying to manage a sneaky hand-off from a gal pal at work or school when you miscalculate. Since both the cup and the liners are reusable, I always have the necessary supplies on hand!

While I love it, I will say it’s not for everyone. My initial thought was right. It’s messy, but not difficult. You need to be comfortable with your body and blood. That’s about all I’m going to say on the matter, but I think you can kind of understand why those things need to be a consideration especially if you’re a bit squeamish.

You also only need to “change” the cup every 12 hours. I typically do it in the morning, after lunch (maybe), and before bed instead of every 4-6 hours like a tampon.

The cup also has no risk of TSS,  creates less landfill waste, and can be cheaper in the long-run than buying tampons or pads each month. There are a few different brands on the market to ensure a perfect fit for your body.

The panty liners took more getting used to than the cup because I never wore pads. I don’t like things to be bulky or feel like I’m wearing a diaper. I love these because they’re relatively thin and easy to care for. The ones I purchased come with a waterproof bag so if you did need to change throughout the day, you just wash, wring, and bring home in the bag, no worrying about carrying home a sopping mess. I’ve had no issues with overflow or staining. I discovered both of these while looking for ways to decrease out landfill footprint.

Along with both of these things, you guys should check out the Clue App! It’s a complete game changer. It tracks your cycle, PMS, mood, energy levels, exercise, weight , ailments, and fertility if you need it. It also sends reminders if you’re bad about remembering when to expect that visitor. And all that is on the free version! I LOVE this app!

Ok,  I feel better that I’ve shared an option that could benefit the women connected with me in my life. I hope I didn’t shock and scandalize you too badly!

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