Missing Wedding Dress!

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Hey There!

Oooh my, y’all.

Once upon a time, I thought that weird things happened to everyone, and I just had a knack for storytelling. Then more and more people told me, “Nope. This type of thing could only happen to you,” and I realized . . . they’re right!

Here’s a doozy for you!

Back in October if you remember, we did our wedding photo retakes which I LOVE. Since we were already out and about and had the dress in the car, I went ahead and dropped it off at a local dry cleaners to be cleaned and preserved. They go through and clean and presss each layer; then put it into a sealed box to preserve the dress and prevent discoloring.

There was a pretty long wait time, and the dress was supposed to be ready to be picked up in November.

Thanksgiving came and went. No call.

I checked in at one point in December, and they said that they were just running a bit behind but that they would call me when it was ready.

Last week we got the call, and I went to pick it up on Friday evening before running some other errands. It was in SUCH a huge box! The next day the Fellow helped me lug the giant box inside and down into the basement.

Now before I stashed it away in the basement for the next twenty years, I wanted to know what the interior box looked like. Was there a window so you could see the dress or not? I wanted to know just in case I wanted to show it to a child or grandchild or if I decided to sell the dress at some point and wanted to show a potential buyer.

I carefully peeled back the tape on the main box and slid the interior box out.

As I had hoped, there was a window. And inside there was a beautifully preserved wedding dress . . . just not MY dress!





My dress has white lace that has a leaf pattern to it with a rhinestone belt. This is a champagne dress with metallic flowers!

I put in a call to the dry cleaners  who were of course closed, and my mind began to race.

How many wedding dresses have they preserved since October? What if my dress isn’t even there? What if some other bride never checked her box? My beautiful hand-sewn lace wedding veil gone forever!

I won’t say which dry cleaners as I’ve used them before, and they’ve always done great work.

Monday morning I called them, and the phone call basically went like a scene from The Emperor’s New Groove.

It’s not my dress.
It’s not your dress?
Not my dress.
There’s a gown in the box, but it’s not your gown?
It’s not your dress. The gown in the box is not your dress.

They asked me to bring the incorrect dress back, and thankfully by the time I got there that evening, my dress was there to be picked up. I have no idea if it left the cleaners or was there the whole time, but thankfully it’s right where it belongs now!

What crazy things have you experienced with your wedding dresses? Share in the comments!

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