Bad Road Tripper

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Hey There!

Guys, I’m a bad road tripper. Actually, I’m a good road tripper. I’m just a bad road trip planner . . .

I want to go on more adventures, but the planning to go on a road trip stage just kills me. I’m going to visit a friend in Connecticut soon, and I’ve put off finalizing travel details because it’s so overwhelming for so long that I’m just going to drive.

The issue I was running into with my travel plans was weighing all the alternative means of transportation. I could drive two hours to an airport, wait for an hour or two there to board the plane, then fly into CT, which basically takes the same amount of time as driving, or drive two and a half hours to the bus which then takes an additional 5 hours with bus transfers. For all that I may as well drive myself.

Thankfully, I enjoy driving. I do my best thinking in the car, and, if I’m honest, on occasion I miss my commute to work.

When I go on a long road trip, I love to blare my music and sip on some coffee. My beverage habit also means I have an excuse to stop every few hours and check out a little rest stop or cute visitor area.

I”m so excited to explore CT with a dear friend!

What are your trip planning tips and road trip survival tricks? Let me know so I can try them!

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