Best Laid Plans

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Hey There!

Remember how I said that I wanted to have all of my Christmas presents purchased by December first? Yea . . . that definitely didn’t quite work out as I had planned.

It’s a week from Christmas, and I was just out buying last minute gifts.

It seems like this year I couldn’t pin down the -perfect- thing for just about anyone! My dining room table is covered with crafts to finish and gifts to wrap.

Even though things are hectic, it will all get done somehow. It always does.

I managed to score a Christmas gift that had been sold out online in the most unlikely of places – the UPS store!

Earlier this year, I accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime and with the holidays upon us, I  haven’t canceled it just yet.

There was a garment I’d bought that didn’t fit right and the return code was getting ready to expire (You know you do that too!), so I went into the local UPS store to send it back. Being the busy season for packages, there was a line. I hopped in line and noticed that the lady in front of me had the item I was looking for and was returning it! 

I struck up a conversation and asked her about it. She’d found it online for half the price of the other sites I’d been looking at but ended up wanting a larger size for her grandson. 

She already had the correct-sized item and was lamenting the fact that she’d thrown away the box and would have to buy a new one on top of the shipping!

Sensing my opportunity, I asked her if she’d sell it to me and save herself the shipping/box cost, and she said, “Yes!” 

I think that after tonight we’re pretty well set and can wrap things up this weekend.

I hope that you have all of your shopping done and you are enjoying a stress-free holiday season with family and loved ones!

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