Annie’s Country Creamery – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

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Hey There!

I know. I know. It’s December. The time of year for hot cocoa, wassail, and egg nog – not ice cream.But let’s be real. I love ice cream any time of the year.My folks and I were up in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, the other day visiting my grandmother, and we decided to swing by a new ice cream parlor a cousin had recommended – Annie’s Country Creamery.

We had initially intended just to drive by and see where it was located, but after some discussion we decided to go ahead and stop in because a big chocolate milkshake with whipped cream on top sounded absolutely amaaazing.
I only wish I had some French fries to dunk in it! (Seriously, try it if you haven’t.)Annie’s is a neat little spot because it’s attached to a little country store; however, the ice cream alone made it ABSOLUTELY worth the stop! 

Keeping it local, they serve Windy Knoll small batch ice cream from up the road in Chambersburg. There are a ton of flavors to pick from and you can take a carton home with you.

I’m SO glad we decided to stop and check it out!

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