Thankful for Thanksgiving

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Hey There!


I hope that everyone’s Thanksgivings were amazing.


We attended all 5 of our Thanksgiving celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I always find it fun to experience meals and traditions of other people’s families. Between the work potluck and Friendsgiving, we got to try a TON of different dishes.

The Fellow made it his mission at the work potluck to try every. single. homemade dish there. It took him two plates, but he did it! He sampled every type of mac and cheese, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole! I was afraid he was going to explode!



With so many family meals, we get a wide array of selections there as well. There’s sweet potato casserole with bits of pecan and crumbled brown sugar on top, old-fashioned glazed sweet potatoes, two types of broccoli casserole, and turkey – turkey with bacon, roasted turkey with olive oil, salt and pepper crisped turkey, and rosemary and parsley buttered turkey. There’s even several variations of cranberry! Jellied, whole berries, and spiced!



I love every single dinner and not just because turkey and the trimmings is one of my favorite meals, but because each one is prepared with love by the people I love.



What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Let me know in the comments!

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