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Hey There!

I spend a lot of time shopping online, y’all, or should I say browsing? Half the time I put stuff into my shopping cart but never actually pull the trigger.

There’s something to be said for actually touching and trying on things before you buy them. I’m bad about missing the fine print or important sizing information, and most of the time I won’t mess with a return. I’ll call it a loss or make The Fellow handle the return for me.

With Christmas right around the corner, my hatred of crowded shopping centers outweighs my hesitance to actually go through with online purchases, and packages have been slowly coming into the house. My goal is to have everything purchased by December first, so I can relax and enjoy bad Netflix movies, hot cocoa, and Christmas lights.

Since so many packages have been showing up on my doorstep, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to slip one in for myself! Unfortunately, it just reaffirmed what I think about online shopping – it’s never what you expect.

I’ve been OBSESSED with Mrs. Turner’s glasses from Call the Midwife and was stoked when I found a pair of vintage upswept glasses. The posting and pictures shows a small crack in the arm which I was ok with epoxying over. However, when they got here, the crack was more of a giant chunk missing, which in itself was an issue, but the glasses themselves were tiny. I’m not sure if I got tiny old lady glasses, or if people in the early 1960s just had tiny heads . . .

At least all of the Christmas gifts have come in with no issues so far!

Anyone else out there have online shopping horror stories? Make me feel better and share them in the comments below!


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