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How Much Is Too Much?

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Y’all, I have a serious question for you . . .

How much turkey is too much?

This weekend we’re hosting Friendsgiving which will be the first of our Thanksgiving meals. Then we have a work potluck Thanksgiving, my family’s Thanksgiving, The Fellow’s family’s Thanksgiving, and finally an extended family Thanksgiving.

That’s FIVE Thanksgiving meals. I’m at risk of looking like Joey from Friends on Thanksgiving day! He definitely had the right idea that’s for sure – real pants are NOT an option.

The fun thing about having so many places to go for the holidays is that each place has something different from all the rest, and all of the food will be delectable.

We’re preparing the turkey and sweet potatoes for Friendsgiving. My mother assures me we don’t need to bring anything to their house. The Fellow is handling a cranberry pork loin for work, so all I need to do is figure out what to make for the other two meals.

What are your favorite dishes to make for Thanksgiving? Help me decide what to take!


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